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    99 Atk 99 Str 99 Range 99 Mage / 108k Tokens /Selling Maxed Zerker Pker / Staker! Account has No Recoverys or email. Account Has a 16m bank Account has 111 Quest points. Accepting mainly cash but i can also accept rsgp at ratio (.4/m) NO SWAPS!! All account information will be given upon purchase. Will not be going 1st unless your HIGHLY trusted otherwise we will be using a OMM. Start Bid: $12 / 30m Auto: not set Looking to purchase? then post here or add my [email protected] 99 STR pureLooking for just a 60 atk 99 str pure offering RSGP!Buying accountBuying account 90 att or similar but for less not higher 70 str or near but for less 90 def or near but for less not higher 1 pray 1 summ 1-50 range (may vary depends) 1 - 50 magic (may vary depends post offers and plz or pm[PP][RSGP] Selling Zerk 86 CB[PP][RSGP]Got an Zerker Account here - $30 A/W add my - [email protected] - jarvis.viskinda1 LOGIN - STATS - WEALTH RECOVS AND EMAIL WILL BE REMOVED ON BUYERS REQUEST.[$50 Donor] Low Strength StakerSelling my Low Strength Staking account. This account is useful for Boxing & Most useful when armor staking. Account hasn't been logged on from for over a month, No email, No recoveries. Perfect safe account to purchase from a Legitimate seller. ~;Terms Of Sale;~ I will NOT go first, Unless i deem you trustworthy enough. I do NOT accept swaps under any circumstance. I will always be happy to use an MM. A/W 60M My Only : [email protected] 3 Accounts!I'm selling 3 accounts for RSGP or money through paypal. Post here saying your offer. Here are the stats of the 3 accounts: 1. 2. 3. Will be uploaded soon. If you are interested in buying, post below or PM me or add me on ([email protected]).[Rsgp][PP] Buying Pures!Hey guys Looking to buy 1 defence pures with these stats or around there: ATT: 60 STR: 90-99 DEF: 1 RNG: 99 PRAY: 52 MAGE: 80-90 HP: 85-90 I dont care about any non-combat stats except high fishing would be nice The reason I want this account is to start playing again and do a rune knife/darts to d bow to g-maul, which works very nicely. I can offer paypal, RSGP (which I will buy on demand), or if you play Team Fortress 2, keys and hats etc. Offer away with your prices too, any account near these stats I will consider. Thanks. I will go first if you are trusted or whatever or else we can use a MM.Best 1 Def Rapier Pure // 99range, mage fletch and more! check!Hello guys I am selling this great 1 Defence pure with Rapier! 80dung The Price of the account : $70 / $90 Paypal Direct or in RSGP 120 / 180m My is: [email protected] add me for details You need atleast 30 vouches for buying this account! The pictures of the account: The skills are: 81 Dung 99 Range 99 Magic 53 Prayer 80 Attack 84 Strenght 1 Defence 81 HP 99 Fletching The Qeusts he have Desert treasure Animal Magnetism The horror from the deep Lost city Monkey Madness Dwarf Cannon Etc etc.... I got a great Chaotic RAPIER!
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