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    60 atk 99 str 99 range pker / staker!!?SELLING OWNAGE INITIATE PURE!!! / STAKER!!!! STARTING BID: 10$ OR 10M A/W: 60$ OR 60M TRADING METHODS: #1. WILL GO 1ST TO HIGHLY TRUSTED SYTHE MEMBERS #2. USING OMM #3. 50.50 (DEPENDS) #4. YOU 1ST IF INTERESTED ADD MY [email protected] Pure with 99 MagicSelling a Pure with 99 Magic it is level 64. I Have got no Recoverys and I Have got a email but we will change together This account hasnt got no wealth and i am look for an offer [ PayPal ] or [ RSGP ] I Do Not go 1st but i have got pictures to show so we will speak over or Here. [email protected] Thanks add me i Show Proof.[SWAP] Lvl 131--Firecape--5 99's--94 Thieving Trading For Good 1 Def PureI am looking to swap this account with a good 1 defense pure! Since I only have one vouch, I will go first. Preferring a member who is trusted or has vouches. Acc has no wealth. Add me on to talk [email protected] or post offers/account details on this thread[RSGP][CHEAP][PP][TRUSTED] Selling a good pure!!! Must look!Hey guys, I'm back and this time I'm selling one of my last pures left. I currently have a really good main that I am working on and need either some paypal or RSGP for this account. Not looking for swaps as I do not have time for multiple accounts. Please post before adding me on . I will not go first, so please don't ask me to. I've been around for a while and I have vouches. I'm not going to scam you. If your not willing to go first then leave this thread now. : [email protected] S/B(with GP): $30 A/W(with GP): $55 S/B(without GP):$10 A/W(without GP): $30[RSGP][PP]Selling lvl 93 Initiate Pure 86M|F-Cape|Slay Helm - Awesome Pure[RSGP][PP]Hey Sythe, I`m here to sell my long time Initiate pure. Had the account for over 2 years now, playing on and off. Recently gone to University and got a defence level, no motivation to play it at all. Selling for RSGP or irl monies via Paypal. CLEARED THE ACCOUNT OF GP. Sorry for misleading title. Auto win: 80M/$70 OMM/Trusted MM will be used, or your more than welcome to go first. STATS: ACCOUNT STATUS: RECOVERIES: Accounts defence is quested to 20, mistake to 21. The account also has a good variety of other untradable items. Fire Cape Rune Gloves Zaniks Cbow Full RC robes/Tally staff Slayer Helmet Crystal Bow Full Zamorak God book Get bidding. No sales as of yet, but hoping my first will be a smooth one. Bought a few accounts in the past, all trades have run smootly. PM me for my . Any questions, feel free to post.[RSGP] Selling level 84Selling a level 84 with fairly nice stats for RSGP A/W 40 MillSelling account CB 85! PAYPAL ONLYI'm looking for a bit of cash, and this character hasn't been in use for years! It has nothing of my value anymore as I don't play runescape, hopefully I can get cash for this as I'm really struggling for cash at the moment and if I can sell this for £30 I will be very happy! Please buy guys, needing the cash! NOW ACCEPTING RSGP!Selling nice 94lvlTittle says all. I accept rsgp Pic : Pm me with offer. I wont go first, u can go first or pay OMM fees
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