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    selling pure account for mills in runescape ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)this is my pure i had him for quite a bit never botted im selling him for real only serious buyers plz and he is still a member 26 days left im lookinh to sell him at 20millgp he is lvl 76 91 str 91 range 94 mage 1 def 87 hp 60 atk addy gloves all pure quest done my is [email protected] 45mill quick no scammers i will not go first i dont care if im new im serious its up to u i dont no what u guys want to see to show u im for real[Swaps/Rsgp] Did someone say Level 65 Reset Prod? [Swaps/Rsgp]Right, so here I have myself a level 65 void prod with Full Void Range + Melee. This account was made for 1 reason & 1 reason only, to be a reset prod. I got 70 defence 80 range 43 prayer and got myself a firecape. After that, I started up the b0t ;D I botted and botted and botted until I got a reset. 85M Firemaking xp later, I finally got a reset. I was combat level 13, I wanted to be a rusher so I got my melee stats to 42. I had completed zaniks quests/hand cannon quests. So I got myself 75 Range 66 Firemaking for Hand Cannon. I can now 1 HIT level 60-70 pures with Hand Cannon Special 300-400. I never really use it anymore, it can pretty much be anything, RangeTank/Zerker/Main. Btw it has RFD Complete up to Mith Gloves Some pictures yes? Stats Combat Quests Prayer Cb Prayer List/Firecape Ava's acum Maxing with Zaniks bow Maxing with Zaniks bowTrading Range Void Pure for 10mThats it Screenshots is [email protected][amazing Acc 20m 99 Range] [rsgp]Ok im taking an autowin quick sale for this acc has no recoveries or email all info will be given on purchase AUTOWIN: 20M! CONTACT ME ON: [email protected] If pictures are not working i can tell you stats as listed below 65 attack 88 str 1 def 99 range 45 magic 45 prayer 99 firemaking 92 thieving 87 woodcutting ( Full unholy book and a crystal bow ) 89Here's my Level 89, He's only had 1 set of recovs, Selling for 75m, just got my main back due to account re-instatement, so i can get rid of this one, It's a defense tank in the making, they max out at 44 pray, 75 att, 70 str, 99 def range hp mage 103 cb, also great low cb mage boxer, autowin is 75m which was the cost of chinning to 86 range, getting 99 magic, and for the time i put into getting full void with deflector, all hoods, i created the account 4 months ago and done with it now. pics are belowLooking for a good 60 att pureHey , im looking for a good 60 att pure wich is near completion. -addy gloves -att quested ( dscim etc, climbing boots etc etc) -90+ range -85+ mage -85+ str Able to pay alot , looking for a trusted person.att 96 str 96 def 2 pray 32 / RSgp/ cmbt 87Hello , Selling this pure , for rsgp becasue I collect gp for 99 mage on another pure. How We DO : 50/50 or you use mm and pay's fees , If you have 25+ Vouches I will go first. I'm True Owner . Got needed info. Accept : RsGp : [email protected] Have any question? write me. Recovery will be removed then I find BUYER Cya and Good luck on Binding. Bank : ABOUT 2-3MPure 60 Attack 73 str 70 range ! rsgpSelling my old account which i never use anymore Post here if your serious.
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