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    Buying BEAST PUREHey guys im looking to buy a pure lvl 68 + i dont want it - 99 range str hp mage etc I would like tho ava's, mage cape, dt completed, addy gloves 75 + range 75 + str 75 + mage Ill be paying in rsgp OMM will be used if it has a dung lvl more money will be payed (obviously) a good dung level with items. Leave offers here. put this together abit tipsy sorry if its love you(PAYPAL)Selling pure cheap 23 bucks good deal! :)meeting in-game will go first with trusted membersSelling pure 92 ranged 80 hitpoints ..(CHEAP AS HELL) 23 bucks!paypal 26 days member credit left on him .. can meet you ingame and go first with trusted members.[PayPal]Selling GREAT,FULLY QUESTED ZerkerAs you can see, I am selling this beast account. It used to have way better stats, but unfortunately it received a roll-back. I can't be arsed to level it anymore, nor bot it. The account seems dead to me, had fun on it but everything comes to an end. The account has Barrow Gloves, Lunar done and the necessarily quests. I am accepting PayPal only, so please do not offer me anything else. I am not going first UNLESS you're a MOD/Admin or whatever. You may go first, but we can always use an OMM, YOU PAY FEES. All account info will be applied with the account. Screenshots: Feel free to add me on if you have any questions about the account. Contact me here: [email protected][PayPal] 75 cmb, 2 99's and 98Hey guys, i have for sell my pure acc. I will accept only paypal, I don't go first, we can use OMM but its on your fees. My is: [email protected] If you got any questions, feel free to ask. More pictures? Just ask. There's no bank screens cause there is nothing special. Screen of account:selling 82 pure 92 ranged 80 hp etc.. members credit 26 bucks!good deal paypal secure trades only will meet you ingame to show you the account /willing to go first if your trusted.[Selling]Awesome Boxer[Cheap]Moved to other 50 dollar account! PP (read) :)paypal.. good account to train on .. Im quiting today and selling it for 50 dollars usd .. so if you want it let me know via private message or [email protected] thank you have a nice day. 92 ranged 80 hp 72 wc over 8m in coins and 10m altogether including items .. 28 days member credit left. avas accumulator and other quests done. need your paypal email to verify you have a paypal account .. i will request a payment after i give you the account information besides the pin once i get the money i will give you the pin aswell so it might be easier just to send it at once but that is up to you.. what do you guys think i think thats a hella good price for what i got into it .. counting the members credit and cash your only really paying like 35-40 bucks.. even though its 50
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