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    SELLING 2 ACCOUNTS $30 A/W [i am accepting rsgp] ( 1 2 3)hey im selling two accounts. account 1 is a rune cvls pure with 17att. it only has 17attack because if you want to do mountain daughter, you wont go over 20att . Oh and im not willing to go first but i will use a omm offer away or pay a/w account 1 stats: acccount 1login: all of the info will be provided and emai+recoveries will be removed account 2 stats: account 2 login:[PAYPAL] Selling level 69 Verac's Staker [PAYPAL]Hello I am looking to sell my account! I don't have a set price but i'm looking for a decent offer the reason I am selling my account is I have just lost interest in runecape tried to get back into the past few nights but wasn't happening! Also please note I will NOT do swaps! will only SELL for $$$ via paypal So here is the account: Please post your offers here. Offers: $15 A/W: ?[Trusted] Staker 1 prayer 89 Combat.Selling this account for 20m Rsgp or 25$ Paypal. : [email protected] Have done monkey madness, lost city. Account is a MEMBER! for 24 days.(RSGP) 83 COMBAT | 95 MAGE | 90 STR | 78 DUNG | 45 DEF | For 30M ONLY! (RSGP)FORGOT TO PUT BANK PICS: (BOTH ACCOUNTS HAVE COMPLETLY NOTHING ON THEM) Hey guys I'm selling two accounts actually. Both have never been member. One has 90 str, 95 mage 87 dungeoneering, this account is perfect if you want to make it as a main, as it only has 50 attack and 45 def. Pics: Log in screen (Email will be removed once a buyer is found): Stats: And here is the 2nd account. This account is a very good F2P range/2h tank; 40 attack 40 defence 82 str & 83 range. With a little bit of work it can be made into a great P2P tank. Also has never been member. Pics: Log in screen (Email will be removed once a buyer is found): Stats: VERY CHEAP: I will be going first to whom I find trusted. If you want to buy but not go first then you will pay the fee's of the OMM we will use. I will accept RSGP for both accounts: Auto win for the first is 30M and for the 2nd is 15M (I WILL GO FOR LOWER IF THERE ARE NO OFFERS) Considering 1 mil is roughly under a dollar, you could get first account for around 25$ only. I will also be accepting cashU cards, also in the same amounts. Post here then PM me if interested, I won't accept you on if you don't pm. Thanks.68 CB Boxer! 1 pray! [RSGP]For sale is a 68 cb Boxer account: 67 att 40 str 70 def 1 pray Uploaded with My paypal is limited, therefore accepting RSGP only. I have traded of $3000 on this site, ($2600 to Viou, and some other things) A/W: 5m RSGP MM is fine, i most likely will go first{s}amazing Account Sale!!!{rsgp/paypal Only}Hey guys, I am selling 3 of my accounts in order to invest in some bots and get turmoil on my main 81 pray now . I will sell the accounts fairly cheap, just offer me a price and we'll go from there, also i will only go first if you are a mod or better. If not then either you first or we use an OMM and you must pay fees. I accept both RSGP and paypal NO SWAPS!!!! I am the original owner so i can provide all details, if ur interested PM me with ur offer and THNX!!! BOXER/Miner Zerker Pure [​IMG]
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