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    [RSGP] Selling 1 defence pure [VERY RARE NAME] [3x99's]Info: Hey guys, selling my almost maxed 1 defence pure for RSGP to help fund my new turmoil pure. This account was created in 2007 just before the wilderness was taken but was trained up to mostly to the state it is in now legimately in around 2009/10. Features: - This account has a very rare display name, it is not the same as the login name. I will not be selling the display name seperately, what you pay for is the whole account inc. the display name obviously. Please PM me or add me on (below) for the name! - The account has a classic cape on RS2 and is level 3 on RSC. - It is fully quested - DT / addy gloves / and whatever are all done. - Full zammy book - No account offences Stats: Recoverys + email: As you can see the account does still have an email + recovery questions but during the transaction I'll provide you with: - Recovery question answers set on the account - Creation date (you can work it out anyway from asking the guy in lumb) - Confirmation code to change the email on it - Password used to make the account and others used Bank: The bank has nothing valuable in it but I will be leaving things like charms and untradeables you may need in it. Other info: I have not set an A/W for the account as of yet, mainly will be looking for offers over the week or if a great offer comes up I will take it. I obviously want more than what I'd normally get for the pure itself because of the name, but we will see what happens. Contact me via : [email protected] ---- If you use Swiftkit and would like to ask further questions through that you will find me in #ice Thanks![PAYPAL][RSGP] Buying GOOD pure[PAYPAL][RSGP]Hey everyone, looking for a good pure to start playing on again. Offering 35m RSGP/$30 USD Paypal Post and/or add my to chat. [email protected] lvl 92 w/ 7.7 m and d defender + otherslvl 92 7.7m d defender 55 pure range w/88 fishing all will go for like 30 or 20 dollars : [email protected] or txt 7247664300[RSGP]Selling Rune Ranger!|90 Range![RSGP]Hello Sythe! Today I am here to sell a pretty good Rune Ranger! Stats: Black Marks: Login Screen: Bank Pic: Well, there it is, so post your offers or Add me on : "[email protected]"Account For Sale *6 99's*Im looking to sell my account with 6 level 99's. Fishing Cooking Fletching Mining Firemaking Woodcutting. I will NOT go first ( We can use MM ) We will use paypal, and must be sent as a gift. Accepting Offers.[Paypal]Sell 69+6 RsPure! 94 Mage, Dt Done! ( 1 2)Hi, im selling this level 69+6 runescape account, it has every pure quest ever wanted done. I know i don't have any vouches but i will be willing to show the account in game! and the bank, i will not be taking off the cash because i am quiting. : [email protected] I AM ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP! And ik i spelled my name wrong in the pictures, good enough though lol Go into this clan chat if you can't read me on here! i mean friends chat! its brandon to talk if im not on here.Level 93 Staker [CLAWS,FURY,DDFENDER,] And a [VET]Runescape Classic Staker 44/40/44SELLING THESE FOR PURE RSGP NO PAYPAL OR A GOOD SWAPNONE OF THESE ACCOUNTS HAVE RECOVIERES AND WHEN YOU PURCHASE I CAN CHANGE THE EMAIL THEY ARE BOTH IN MY NAME AND IN MY NAME ONLY Uploaded with Uploaded with THE CLASSIC ACCOUNT IS VERY OLD AND IS ALSO CAN PLAY ON VET SERVERS AND IS CURRENTLY A MEMBER ALSO IT HAS CLASSIC CAPE AND CAN ALSO OBTAIN THE VET CAPE WITH EASEALSO HAS HAT AND SCARVES FROM CHRISTMAS 2005Selling Fully Quested Ini-Pure 84 dung arcane almost rapier 60|92|89r|94m|[CHEAP 40m]- Looking to sell my initiate pure. - I only Accept RSGPAnd Wu. - It comes with most quests done, + most quests done for turmoil. - Has rune gloves, dagon hai robes, avas, DT, ext. - I am the original owner and will provide all details. - Starting bid: 40m - A/W:40m - Please post your offer and your . Pictures [​IMG]
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