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    Really Good pure [Swap/RSPG]will Swap for a Decent 1 def pure or around 30 def [quested][RSGP]BUYING: Pure with Range, Mage, and Str leveled to 90+I am looking to purchase a Pure with at least 85 str, 95+ range and ability to Ice barrage [94magic]. I do NOT care if these stats were botted. I don't care if it has 1 def or 99 def. I don't care if it has 1 or 95 prayer. I am looking for the stats I posted above mainly. I am not looking for some balanced crap. Pures only. Must have rep and a MM. post with account stats : [email protected]Buying 1 Def PURE, Details In Thread[RSGP]Hey, been lurking Sythe for a good minute trying to find a 1 Def pure to swap my semi range tank for or buy with RSGP. Preferred stats/stuff: No derp display names *No Email/Recoveries* 20-50 Attack 80+ Strength *1 Def* 1-31 [Maybe 44] Prayer 70+ Range 82+ Mage PM me on Sythe, post here, etc. : [email protected] : brolaf31Selling level 74 TANK -1 month mem- 85 rangeYOU WILL GO FIRST OR WE WILL USE OMM AT YOUR FEES. THE ONLY FREE MM I TRUST IS SUPERMAN SO WE CAN USE HIM ALSO!! ( i have sold 6 accounts before and this will be my 7th . also starting up a sumtank that will be for sale in couple of weeks) No Set A/W start bidding. Animal Magnistm done ofc. NOW 87 RANGE!Selling All types of accounts for RSGP! ( 1 2)Me and my friend have recently decided to create a Shop for RuneScape. We will make any types of accounts that you guys can think of as long as it's possible, We'll do it for a Reasonable price. Some account we are working on ATM are *(NOTE)* Since I am a new user on Sythe. You guys probably think i am Not legit so I will maybe get a or something as long as you guys will pay for it until i get enough prices to show that i am legit. - Strength Pure, Stats: 60 Strength 1 attack 1 Defence. Price: 20M RSGP - (RARE) Attack pure: 60 Attack 1 Defence 1 Str - Chaotic Pure! 80 Attack 60 Strength 1 defence and 80 Dungeoneering with You're choice of Chaotic weapon or just have 200K Dungeoneering Tokens. Feel free to E-Mail me any Questions or concerns @ [email protected] Thanks!Selling lvl 60 Attack, 75 Strength, 1 Def****Dirt Cheap****Ready to sell Now!Alright guys I want to sell this account quick, Need money! But will think about account swap if its a good offer. So please bid away, I will sell it HOPEFULLY tonight. Feel free to lowball, just not to low . Plz offer up! No A/W because I have no idea what it's worth. Current bid is 2m Membership till Oct. 4th!Selling Lvl 90 FASTNCHEAPWell I am selling a level 90. Here is a pic of the stats Bid starts at 8m. Thanks in advance. Account is in the green zone also, no offenses. Although, I do have recovery's set tho, I couldn't imagine playing without them? lol sorry !!!!!!this site is useless, im not selling my account for less than 8m sorry guys.!!!!!Selling lvl 74 with 90 dung.Account leveled up while botting (yes botting) dung, also 2 hours away from 91 so it will be 91 by the time it's sold, I will stop at 91 dung, and here is a pic of the account: Account was showing my IP and username, had to edit it out somehow.
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