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    D Claw RusherThis account can be a sick rusher but with the current stats already is at its cb CB Level: 60 Membership: Stats: What it will come with: DT Done: This account has basic pk supplies and the equipment for rushing just i cant afford claws -.- MSG Me on or post below if intrested!!Selling Fully Quested Ini-Pure 84 dung with rapier&arcane60|93|20|89r|94m|RSGP|WU|closeddLooking to buy F2p range/2h pureI have 60mil so offering up to that. any range 2h pure, i would like it even better if it has gravite items. looking for high str/range/mage List stats and CB below and price Using MUST HAVE NO PIN, NO RECOVERIES, NO QUESTIONS. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!Wanted account with high runecrafting and 57 summoningI am really looking for an account with 57 summoning and a good runecrafting level so I can make some money. I will give rsgp for the account based on its rcing lvl. I will not go first either no matter what.[RSGP] WTS 80 void pure [RSGP]Stats: Recovs: pm me on here or add me on [email protected][RSGP] selling 79 zerker pure [RSGP]Items: Stats: Recovs/Email: : [email protected] or pm me on sythe only accepting rsgp, mm will be used, offical or trusted, u pay fee's if any.Amazing G maul Pure 70 cbNo Paypal, don't mess with it. Would like to exchange phone numbers ect. Account/Rsgp accepted. OFFER Thanks.RSGP - Buy a awesome Turm zerkerRead before do anything please Requirements 60 - 80 Attack 90 - 99 Strength 1 - 45 Defence 95 Prayer 94 Magic ( 40 - 45 Def must have done Lunar dip. ) Must be Quisted Must have complete information 80 Dung - Must have a chaotic weapon Im offering RSGP 200 - 300M Not going first , Im willing pay for OMM wich 15% goes to OMM from the amount i offer for the account PMs are welcome
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.