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    97 Zerker for sale [Paypal, WU]Beforehand, I'd like to mention that the zerker was quested before the release of Ancient Curses, therefore currently has 51 def due to me doing the quests that enable me to attain said curses. Any flames regarding that will be reported as spam Recoveries are being deleted at the moment, but here are the stats. - Has Fire Cape - Torso - Void melee and ranged - about 12k fungi which I collected the last time I was playing on a regular basis. Prices have dropped but wait till the upcoming exp weekend 'round September and prices should go up to roughly 1k.Selling Level 99 FTWSorry Posting Pics30 Defence Turmoil Pure | 60 Attack | 95 Prayer | 92 Herblore: Overloads | OMM |75M OR 40$ USD IS A/W ILL GO FIRST TO TRUSTED OMM WILL BE USED TO YOUR EXPENSE!!! {GOOD LUCK!} This is my starter turmoil pure. It has 95 pray and 92 herblore. I Hope to sell. Please offer below idk what i should sell this for as i am new. We can use a Middle Man if want to. Don't try to scam me too i am not dumb and just here looking to get a decent price for my pure as i cba with runescape anymore. Im fully done quitting for good and that is why i am here Please Pm Me and Post Below If You Wanna Buy! :love EDITED: ALSO HAS NEW MEMBERSHIP TIL THE 25TH SO 20+ DAYS OF MEMBERS LEFT!!!!! BUY WHILE ITS AVAILABLE! Pm me if interested Starting Bid: $0.00/0 RSGP [/quote](Sell/Swap) 90 CB. 93 WC. 1298 total.Offer, or swap. I will only swap for a 95-99 Fisher and miner. (preferrably a skiller, and not a random.) It's an old account. It still has the old event stuff.Selling [Maxed][1 Defence pure][70+dung] HybridNew Post AboveLooking for 1 def pure with dt done. GOOD TRADE!!hey guys im looking for a 1 defense pure with dt already done. i dont care what the other levels are as long as it has dt done and only 1-3 defense. Im willing to trade my level 107 main. (113 members) for it. he has 99 str and he is 40k away from 98 mining. good account to make $money on. i will post a picture of him below. Uploaded with Pm me if you would like to trade.Selling lvl 96+6Hey. guys i dont play rs anymore just quited it around a month back. . so i want to sell my account for cash no rsgp plz. . 193 quest points all major quests completed:- Monkey Maddness, Desert Treasure, Lunar Diplomacy, 10mil cash in bank plus other dragon and barrow stuff plus lots of herbs and potions and lots of runes etc etc etc etc. . I am expecting Some Where Around $150 plz quote yur prices. . . i will not go 1st . . include a middle man u'll hv to pay for it. . my vouches:- sythe/showthread.php?t=1224291|Pure|99 Magic|DT Done (11 pray )|PayPal|Quiting to Wow|DT is done ! Long story short, quiting runescape, and I need Paypal money for world of warcraft gametime 70$ is autowin ( PS IT HAS 50M ) 40$ without the RSGP : [email protected] Why am I selling it and Why that amount? Cos I want to buy 60 day Gamecard to World Of Warcraft ! I have 7 hours of gametime left, so HURRY PLEASE ! Also selling my Staker ( boxing ) sythe/showthread.php?p=9414200#post9414200
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