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    [Selling] obby Mauler starter [RSGP]I am selling this obby mauler starter, selling it for a cheap 6m( changed because Devinslegit trolled me via PM. and called me " big nerd" so price reduced.), I need it for a runescape upgrade. We can use a MM, or a OMM but you must pay fee's. pics: stats: ://gyazo/05bcddc2a4d7e86f3d08ea679f1fa124 cb lvl: ://gyazo/47bf6e6a97c832f35761a2f248e7bb4a login screen: ://gyazo/e4edf0102c6fc5504158c3a5ae52cbb7 black marks: ://gyazo/0f01a4f3006cb6fcb62cb112d2dea6d2 c/o: A/w: 10m contact: : [email protected] or pm me.What do you think this is worth?Alright so I posted on the sticky but HONESTLY... there are like 10 price check posts and no replies to any of them so I'm not thinking I'm not gonna get a reply there. Keep in mind THIS ACCOUNT ALSO HAS ABOUT 5-8M WEALTH.[rsgp] Lootsome's pure shop! [rsgp]hey guys thought i would open one of these up! most will sell for fairly cheap! account #1... a nice summon pure! level 26+7 account #2.... mm done! all accs have no recovs/email! please offer! pm me if neededObby mauler with 94 strength, Sick!Hey guys, I'm selling my obby mauler because it's getting quite boring. I will be accepting Paypal or RSGP. Post your bids below Pictures below ___________________________________Buy Lvl 3 Skiller With A Good Bank!hello, i'am trying to buy a lvl 3 skiller, i will trade my account/main for a lvl 3 skiller, i'am looking for a lvl 3 with 99's and a good bank. My runescape main account lvl 130 cbt and 2247 total lvl::///showthread.php?t=1255966 Leave your account/offer bellow. Attention:i will never go first, only with heigh trusted members.Selling skiller with decent skills.What I have here is a skiller I've been working on for a few weeks. It was hard work since I did it all legit. There are no black marks and no recoveries. I need offers quickly cuz I'm trying to save up for something.[RSGP] Buying Skiller Up to 17M[1x99] or [2x85+]Title says all tell me what you got.Selling an Obby Maul tank lvl 47I'm selling my beast obby maul tank. stats: Attack:5 Strength:67 Constitution:57 Defence:40 Magic:41 Ranged:40 Pm "No Onions K" or post on my thread... thanks
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