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    60 Combat - 80 Dungeoneering - 85 strength | Awesome PureI got this account for sale at the moment. Payment accepted: RSGP only at the moment What comes with the account?: -550k gp worth cash and items -Member ship till 9th June -200k Dungeoneering Tokens (almost) -All the previous information of the account, if needed. Current bid: N/A yet A/W : 50m Bid below thanks.level 71selling a level 71 att-60 def-62 str-61 pray-4 wc-4 thats basically it selling for runes cape gp the account never had recovery questions no black marks no bans no registered email offer NAME-TO10[3x 99s] Maxed Pure - Full Unholy book - Firecape - Addy Gloves [RSGP/PayPal] ( 1 2)Hey everyone. Here today to sell my maxed pure account. Have clanned with this for years, enjoyed every second of it, but sadly having to sell my accounts now since I'm leaving for boarding school in 2 weeks. Played this for over 4 years. I have all the info, and hope I find someone knowledgeable because I'm not too sure how this all works! You can contact me on my account: [email protected] ALL PURE QUESTS ARE DONE! Zammy Book, Ancients (with ghostly robes), Addy Gloves, Accumalator, Elemental Workship 1&2, Godcape, etc! Guidelines thread said to post some pictures, so here they are!: (Email can be changed, In process of removing recoverys! I know them so no problem) DEFENCE LEVEL 87 Accepting offers on here or add my : [email protected] Thanks sythe!Selling almost maxed 20 def pure!I no longer have any interest in pures and i've had this for over half a year now unused. A/w: 60m/50$paypal I will provide all information during the course of the trade. Has about 7m in bank. Post offers or add me: [email protected] Pure | Chaotic Rapier | 95 Prayer | 30 Defence | Massive hits | Rune Gloves | ( 1 2 3)Decided not to sell it. The account is to good to be sold. Thanks for the offers though guysLevel 131 - Great Boxer - Maxed CombatHello, I'm Currently Selling My Main. I've Had Some Good Times With it, But Now I got Other Accounts To Work On, So I need Some RSGP To Support Those Other Accounts : [email protected] A/W = 40-60M RSGP (Dicussed later) RULES: I will NOT go first sorry. I will VERIFY account in-game to prove I am the owner I Will ONLY use a verified OMM, which will be payed for (not by me sorry) STATS: BANK: BLACK MARKS:[PP/RSGP].. !! Two Amazing LeG ii T's Pures !! ..[PP/RSGP]I'll keep this short as its 4:03 am here and I've got college tomorrow. I'm selling both of these pures for either paypal or runescape money. Both of the accounts are mine and I can verify them ingame. We can use a mm/omm at your expense and they can do a recovery test or verify the account for you. I know all the old information and am certain that no one else does. I haven't played RuneScape for more than 3 months so the accounts haven't been botted for 4+ months! Please use the offer form! OFFER FORM Account Number: Offer: : Anything else?: ACCOUNT 1: ACCOUNT 2: My is: [email protected] Anyone who doesn't post with the offer form will not be added !level 80 chaotic pure account!he's 80 atk 87 str 94 range 94 mage 86 dungeoneering 80 constitution (can do frosts and has a cmaul/170k tokens) he's going to be pretty much broke prolly will only have some frost dragon supplies and a cannon, bidding is placed at 150m due to the swift money making abilities and the fact that it is almost impossible to get a chaotic on a 1 defence pure (i'm 2 defence but it doesn't make a difference) email for pics because idk how to attach them sorry =/ I also have a level 94 main with 4+ 90 skills including 99 ranged going for 50m if your interested i want to get trusted so i can keep selling accounts so I will not scam, ill even show a pic of the accounts with no recovery questions and such message with offers or email me at [email protected] or you can pm my youtube account easily god which is where i have videos of my chaotic pure in action, thanks! =)
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