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    Level 58 / 94 Mage 79 Range Non-Member [20 Vouches]No recoveries Non-Member Email will be removed Quests: Animal Magnetism Dwarf Cannon Priest In Peril Post offer's here. RSGP only. MM/OMM will be used or you first : [email protected] Sale 1 Maxed staker one Maxed f2p pker over 10b won on these accounts!Looking for a quick and fast trade for one of them or the both of them. I am 50m away from turmoil on my main account and i could really use the money both these accounts together would be a steal for 60M. :[email protected] All legitimate information will be provided.Pure - | 1 Def | 60 Att | 99 Hunter/Fletch | 94 Magic | Fully QuestedI've had this pure for over 3 years, and I've just recently started playing Runescape again. And I simply don't have time for this account as I'm playing on my Main. So it's up for sale Payment Methods: - I DO NOT Accept Paypal. - I accept Moneybookers/Alertpay/RSGP - I won't go first unless I deem you very trustworthy. Otherwise we will use a free /OMM if you want to pay fees. Happy buying Highlights of the account: - 1 Defence - 60 Attack - 82 Range - 94 Magic - 99 Hunter - 99 Fletching - 58 Dung - Fully Quested - Addy gloves/Monkey Madness/Desert Treasure/Animal MagnetismWTS acc for Rusher or Zerker.Mod Lock please.[RSGP] Selling Box Staker.Autowin : 10M[RSGP] 1 Def Pure WITH 99 STRENGTH and 60 Attack [CHEAP]Hey guys, since I'm selling my accounts, because I just need 1, I've decided to sell this one too. It has Quested 60 Attack, and 99 Strength. It Finished MM and LC. Has 2.5m Bank. I'm wanting RSGP for this one. Just offer up. No Blackmarks, Recoveries, or E-mail. Will give first password when making trade.Selling a rune pure with 3 99s and one 93. ( 1 2)Hi I'm new here and selling this sweet account Account has got like 200k-350k in bank. Combat level is 82, 50 qps. Account is safe, no blackmarks. I WOULD LIKE TO USE AN OMM. Questions/offers, please. Contact : Here and @ [email protected] lvl 73 account str 75,def 50,att 54 etc. CHEAP!Im selling my old account because i got better one now. I accept paypal money and RSGP.The price would be 4m on rsgp or 5$ with paypal, both are fine for me. Here's some screenshots: You can change recoveries and add email for it,account is in green zone and im the only owner of this account. If your interested add me on : persmonnius l :[email protected] but i rarely use . In trade i go first if your trusted enough otherwise you go first or we use MM.
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