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    [RSGP/SWAP] Selling EPIC TANK RANGER 98 range 73 def 52 pray 70slayFULL VOID/VETERAN ( 1 2)I am looking to change my style of account play. I would only swap for a LEGIT 1-20 defence pure TO VERY TRUSTED PLAYERS other than that RSGP ONLY to fund a new pure NO AUTOWIN SET as of now, BID AWAY Does still have recovs/membership, which will be removed with picture proof after a true buyer is in discussion I AM the original owner/creator of this account and will gladly give ALL the information including FIRST passwords, membership details etc. contact on this thread first to verify sythe user, then you may contact me via has about 50mil wealth on acc. which may be left on it with adjustment in price. QP: near 100 qp with RFD done up to rune gloves thus far. happy bidding20 Defence Pure [Rapier][Amazing started!]I know the email/recoveries. Everything can be transferred. We can use a OMM you pay fee's if you think I will scam with this account... I want a fair amount for this account because there is still 2+ membership remaining. I did pay $20 out of my own pocket for 3 months membership so I do hope to make more than that. Please offer below. I will be getting the dung up while this is up for sale until the moment someone is ready to trade. 67 RANGESelling * Rare * R E S E T Turmoil Account! [11 Def / Maul / Rapier / Korasi / 95 Cb]Hey there guys, I know first thing you're seeing is my post count. I'm very new to forums as I've never sold an account - I've browsed forums since 2005 but never bought or sold anything on Sythe. I am WILLING to use an OFFICIAL OR YOU GO FIRST. I WILL go first if you are HIGHLY trusted. I am accepting RSGP only, as I am an RSGP seller. I'm selling probably the rarest account on Sythe you will find - this account was reset a long long time ago to 10 defence, unfortunately I got 11 by accident but still the lowest level with Turmoil is supposed to be 28 defence. I'm selling this account because I'm now 22 years old and have ZERO time for RuneScape. The account comes with the following: - Chaotic Maul - Chaotic Rapier - Rune Gloves - Korasi Sword - Black Defender - Firecape - Combat Robes - Curses Pictures: Recoveries and email will be deleted upon finding a legitimate buyer for the account. HIGHEST BID: 300$ - Preferably RSGP I'm looking for Email: [email protected] pure (100m max+omm) ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)hey sythe im lookin to buy a pure for 100m and the use of a mm or omm with a recovery test i want serrious offers please. If the account has a rapier or tokens/turmoil quest done/slayer helm/korasi/firecape then i will be very interested. the types of accounts i am currently looking for are: turmoil pures, chaotic pures (no stakers), zerker pures, initiat pures with slay helm, pure with firecape. if the account isnt quested stats then i wont be interested unless the account is "questable" Edit: I now only have ~90m to spend. I will ONLY be interested in the account if you have the quest for turmoil done! Thanks, Canerapier pure!close.[RSGP]Beastly Handcannon-pure with very original name (CB 71) 2x99 1x97 3x80+ [RSGP]Hello, I'm selling this really good Handcannon-pure because I'm really low on RSGP, and I'm realizing that if I want to get on with RS, I really have to sell some of my accounts and one of them is this one. It has really nice stats as you can see below on the pictures, 99 Fishing which allow you to fish Rocktail. Also it has 97 Thieving, almost 99 and 89 Smithing which can be a really good profit. It has 99 Cooking tho so never burns food. Also it has a really decent bank.. I will not go first, depends on your trust. We will use an VMM : YOU pay the fee's. Pictures: A/W = 30M !!!Selling AGS Ownage account 96 combat- Genuine sale due to new account!!!Hi guys. Selling this account due to making new hand cannon pure, this account has: 75 att! 90strength! 70 defence! 94 mage (with venge)! Not really sure how much its worth will take in game cash or paypal aslong as i can trust the buyer, add me on - [email protected] (Give me a message so we can chat to make sure we both genuine for that matter) Also contact me on youtube/ry4nh4rris or even give me a text on 07794795984 , as i said im genuine so kinda new to this business. This account is not registered with a fake email domain nor has it got any recovery questions set. Therefore it is 100% safe .!!! Feel free to use an official OMM for recovery test. (Fees paid by yourself). All i want is to see what price accounts like these go for and maybe do a few more >.p>
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