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    Selling 2 runescape accounts.So im selling 2 runescape accounts, 1 is a level 63 and it is a very good skiller, many high skills and easy to make cash on. another is kind of a pure pker, ive killed many lvl 70-90s with it, its lvl 79 and it has 60 att and def, and 73 str, but when u str pot and prey, ull hit 250s. You can messege me on [email protected] or post.Buying 80 Attack 80 Dung 200k Token 1 Def Pure60M must have members :[email protected] strength pure and a skiller with 30m+ 2 99's few 80+!Will sell both for 25$ together! LOOKING TO SELL THESE ACCOUNTS ASAP. Looking for paypal only!! i recently got back into runescape when i heard trading n pking was back, these accounts are from before jagex took trading away, and have original names to login. I Dont want to play anymore and i wish to sell these accounts. they are both originally my accounts and we will not have any problems trading, i ambuying new subs for my car n need some extra cash, so i will not go first unless you are more trusted than me. i am trying to do this as soon as possible so i wont be looking for that much. thanks Message my [email protected] with any questions. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with 64 COMBAT SKILLER! Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usMaxed 60 Attack Turm Zerk With Max Gear For Saleselling maxed 60 attack zerker with imbued rings torso firecape fighter hat and full slayer helmet. ill include billing info and everything including recoveries once we come to a deal. asking price is $300 price will be negotiable but no swaps or rsgp because i've quit rs for about 2 months came on today to sell account. account has 205 questpoints turmoil, anchor, b gloves you name it. 99+9 combat INSANE PKERChaotic Pure [3 chaotics] [91 Dung]Selling this amazing account, I'm finished with it and i'm looking to fund another account completely. I will not be ripped off on this account and I will take the patience required to find a good buyer. Account Information: -71 Combat -91 Dungeoneering -Chaotic Pure -1 Defence -1 Prayer -1 Summoning Chaotic Weapons: -Chaotic Rapier -Chaotic Longsword -Chaotic Maul Price: ONLY RSGP Nothing set. However I will not sell this high quality account cheap. Email and recoveries are set. I will change the email to the buyers and provide all recovery question answers. It is able to pass an OMM test.[Selling Pure 90dun 200k tokens +Mith gloves]A/W:45mil Will Use MM and OMM omm [If omm you must pay fees]: ---------------------------------------------------- Account can get a recover test if wanted you must pay fees for omm/trusted mm to do that. If you post free bump it will be reported as spam. On to the Account The account is fully quested and has a lot of charms[RSGP] username logins || willing to go firststats are irrelevant must be done with tut island or w.e paying 500k per, after 3/4 no recovs no black marks no emails nothing that makes it recoverable AT ALL nothing bot-like as a name etc willing to go first depending on how trusted you are trying to build my trust and need a few username login accs PM ME, DO NOT POST, LEAVE EMAIL ADDRESS I WILL NOT CHECK THIS THREAD, BE WARNED
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