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    WTT WoW account for rs puretxt 786 301 7805 aim: cubanito192 Title says it all contact me for more info looking for a pure with good stats cash and items Have an 85 dk horde with month of time.buying a decent pure, offering my level 138 main!okay last night i had the same offer going i went first at lest 4 times with 4 diffrent people each one of them changed my mains password and blocked me on .... so please dont offer or add me if ur going to waste mine and ur own time legit offers only. this is my main >> sythe/showthread.php?t=1079271 pure must have: 40-80 attck 88-99 str 1-20 defence. 82-99 mage 70-99 range The better the pure the more likely i am to accept the trade. add me on : [email protected] a range pure/ and a main.selling a range pure/ and a main. I will go first if you are voucher or trusted. Range Pure Main Post your and ill contact you.Selling Maxed Zerk Cheap 3 99's 1 95+ 269 QpsONT="Arial Black"]HI WELL I KNOW I AM A NEWCOMER AND I WANT TO GET MY REP UP. I WILL BE SELLING THIS ACCOUNT CHEAP BECAUSE I RARELY USE IT ANYMORE. I WILL BE GOING FIRST TO ANYONE TRUSTED. BUT IF YOU ARE NOT TRUSTED I WILL MOST LIKEY WANT TO USE A OR OMM WHATEVER THEY ARE CALLED. I WILL BE SELLING THIS ACCOUNT CHEAPLY. I AM LOOKING FOR RSGP. ADD MY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED [email protected] A/W- 80M L/W-50M[/font] ADD MY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED [email protected]|60att|71hp|73str|76rng|89wc for 4 milJust need money for new acc. Memeber but canceling. i will give recoverys if you needed. not much of a bank i gave it to my new acc[RSGP] Selling Lv70 Ini [RSGP]Hey Sythe, Theron here once again selling another account. This account is entirely quested. (including dt, rune gloves, all ini quests.) -Prod -Pro Staker -Rusher This account can do it all. Having an over 900 total. Having 60 attack, 85 strength, 20 defence, and 94 mage at level70. Can easily be turned into a Zerker, having almost all requirements for Fremmy trails/Lunars. This account hasn't been botted in over 6 months and has no chance of being reset/banned. I am the only previous owner of this account, and I will be giving all information required. (date of creation, Recovery Questions/Answers, all passwords ever used.) Email will be unregistered when a serious buyer is found. **It currently has 28 day members.** Please contact me via or PM if interested. A/W is 40M.[SELLING] LvL79 Pker {99Str}{94Mage}{95Hunter} DT done {RSGP}made TONS of money 200M + with this guy dueling/and pking 94 mage 95 hunter (Big money maker up to 2m/hr @ grenwall's) 99 str 75 crafting 81 rng 52 prayer (smite) 60 attk RSGP only plz. [email protected] is my Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling ZerkerCOMBAT LEVEL:77 Reason why im selling this account because i do not have enough time to train it and i lost intrest in having a zerker =( MM done Rune defender No recoveys I ONLY ACCEPT RUNESCAPE GP! PLEASE POST ON THREAD BEFORE PM'ING THEN ILL GIVE YOU MY , OFFICAL MM OR TRUSTED MM, WE GO HALF ON FEE
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