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    [RSGP] selling my pure, fircape, slayer helm, good stats[RSGP] ( 1 2)im selling my account for RSGP ONLY! i dont go first because last week i made bought an account for 150mil gold and he scammed me!! Dont have a a/w or a starting bid so just throw offer up, but they have to be reasonable. Not looking to rush into selling this account so i can wait. not looking for too much rsgp, i just need some to help out my new low level pure Lastly, the money can either stay on the account or i can transfer it off but it would be easier to leave it on, so please consider that when you offer Thanks!buying 80 dung acc with 200k+ tokenslooking for a 80 dung acc with 200+ tokens add and well talk [email protected] also have f2p str pure for sale 1 def 72 str 40 attSelling Amazing Rune pure 3 chaotics turm fully quested CHEAPSelling my runepure as i have a pure im using now! this account has 3 chaotics maul/rapier/staff + stream + vigour and it has fighter hat and barrows gloves and korasi. the account is 98+8 Will not be going first, we will use a mm thanks. ONLY ACCEPTING RUNESCAPE GP. DONT OFFER UNLESS ITS IN GP, thanks. dont really know what the account is worth just open to offers leave a message or drop a pm and ill get back to you! thanks. MY VOUCH THREAD -sythe/showthread.php?p=8938748#post8938748[RSGP]Selling Amazing PURE|76 CMB |99 Range & Mage |60 Atk|84 Str| 88 HP| [RSGP] ( 1 2)Selling My Amazing Pure!! I have all account info. This account has NEVERHad recvovery's and email registration. The account is only 76 Cmb and not been botted! I GOT ALL ACCOUNT INFO!!! Combat related stats: 60 attack 84 strenght 99 range 99 mage 88 hp 52 prayer 1 summoning. Non Combat skills are low. only trained for questing. Questpoints: 56 DT Done MM Done RFD Steel gloves. I will be only acceptingRSGP There is No A/W set! How We Trade: I will not be going first. Only if i think you are trusted enough. SO if not u will be going first, ore we can use a OMM @ your pay. PM ME ONLY, AFTER THAT I CAN GIVE YOU MY . SOME PICS: A/W not set! Dont Offer below 50M! Happy bidding[PayPal][RSGP][Cmb70]Selling Pure 99MAGE1232141414Account ValueHow much does is my account worth, in GP? Look at My Adv. Log: Dark-Sh4dow Here are the Levels: Cb Level: 90 Total: 1521 Attack:70 Strength:69 Defence:70 Constitution:72 Ranged:71 Prayer:47 Magic:66 Summoning:32 Cooking:76 Woodcutting:86 Fletching:99 Thieving:99 Runecrafting:47 Fishing:63 Firemaking:57 Mining:55 Smithing:52 Herblore:50 Construction:61 Agility:56 Dungeoneering:46 Crafting:61 Farming:30 Hunter:41 I'm going to take my most Valuable Item: Dragon Hatchet. But i will still leave a lot of other things in there too. (worth around 1m total). Has around 105 Quest Points. Fully Completed Goblin Quest series. 10k rank in Thieving Hiscores. If you can Value, it would be nice. Hoping for at least 15m as i have invested around that into it.Selling cheap 1 def pure - 63 cmbIm looking to get RSGP for this trade. I'll go first to more trusted members. Autowin: 15m Details: Lvl 63 w/veteran's cape. Monkey madness and horror from the deep complete. FILLED book of balance (worth ~ 4.5m)Cb 65 DT rusher PRO!Post your bids, add my : [email protected] For those who cant see it clearly, he IS 64 dung.
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