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    ►►►|Donor|5k+ Traded|8 Puro Puro botters|250-400m daily|Made ME Bills|RSGP|PP|◄◄◄Wana make Billions of RSGP while simply botting? We'll I have created an army of bots that can do just that. The first month of using them I made my self 2 billion, and that was the first month, where there were flaws in my set-up of the bots and techniques, you will not have this as I will let you in on my hints and techniques. I've mastered it and have moved on to staking on my main, so its time to let these bad boys go and let someone else enjoy them, stop being poor and change today! Hello this is Ags_Pure, and I'm here to offer you a high quality of account trades. If you like any account during your time in this thread simply post of add me on to inquire a price or simply ask a question regarding an account. Buy with confidence knowing you will have a safe trade and a safe account to play on with worrying about it being recovered! I'am the original owner of all of these accounts!!!! ***UPDATE*** I now have up to 8 accounts capable of running the Puro Puro bot from rsbots which can make 1-2m per hour. Buy this to create a army of bots/mules that can make you 9-18m per hr, that's 216-432m per day. I'm looking to sell all at once for $20 or 30m each or 270m RSGP for all, with this trade I will also through in the Puro Puro auth code a $25 value, and I will help you set-up the bots for maximum profits. This is how I made my first 2b RSGP, let that be you. What trade includes? -ALL info from account, I keep a text document with all info about account, members pins, creation, and pass changes. -Everything you see in screenshot of account -Puro Puro auth code from rsbots a $25 value -Help and assistance on setting up a seem less production of gold farmers, using these accounts is how I made 2b+. My Rules -I NEVER go first for anyone other than HIGHLY trusted persons. -Payment will be made through Paypal or RSGP -NO A/W at this time -Post before adding -No swaps Account #1 Account #2 [3 99's, 94 magic] Account #3 Account #4 Account #5 Account #6 Account #7 Account #8 Thanks 4 readin If interested or have questions add me on or send PM My vouches can be found In Sig : [email protected][RSGP]Selling Level 68| 70 Ranged| 70 Defence| 16 Days Membership[RSGP]Hello guys! I am selling a level 68 ranged tank! This account has 70 ranged and defence. The account currently, from todays date has 16 days of membership left of it. I only accept RSGP as payment, there is no auto win or starting big so feel free to bid whatever you like. Here are some images of the account:[Selling]Starter Zerker with 5x99s.[RSGP]Hey all I am selling my starter zerker which has 5 99s. I am selling this account as I am quitting and will transfer the cash to my other main which is being sold to increase it's value. This account only has 500k. Screenshots: Starting Bid: 40M rsgp. AutoWin: 70M. Leading bid: none. Contact me via on my signature and by posting on this thread.[A6S] Account shop [RsGp] or [Swaps]All of my accounts are One Defence and have no offences against them If you would like to purchase one of them put up a reasonable offer, and your I Will not go first unless you are HIGHLY Trusted, If your Intentions were to come to this thread to try and SCAM me just leave now. Account # One Quests Wealth More Accounts will be added later today just wanted to get this one up fast[PayPal/playerup/RSGP]62 combat - 99 strength - 1 def/prayer - 64 dung - AMAZINMy price may not be the cheapest, but I have 100% legit intentions when selling this account Hi there. I am selling this perfect F2P/P2P rusher. This thing is everything you could ever want. It comes with a bank around 10M. As I said, I am selling this completely legit. I need money for college - and now is the time that I need to sell my runescape goodies. The reason I accept RSGP is because I would then sell it to a truster buyer for .50 each mill. Price Autowin - 1. RSGP - 200M 2. PayPal - $80 3. - $90 Please do not waste my time, if you're not going to put a serious offer please do not bother posting. Pic: This account has huge potential as a: Rapier Staker F2P Pker P2P rusher Whip Staker D Claw Staker Leave your offer and .[$] Rapier Pure/88 WC - Cheap! Autowin: 20$ [$]Sup, kinda quitting runescape now because I'm starting to code my own private server. Don't need this account, I can tell you right now that this account is 90% botted, but no blackmarks at all, no mutes, no nothing. It's a pretty decent account, and the price I'm looking for, is so cheap you'll love you bricks. Autowin: 20$ : [email protected] Anyways, pictures.. GlSelling Level 73 Dclaw Rusher[DT DONE]Hello Sythe Members i am selling my dt d claw pure. it does not have d claws. i am selling this as i want money for my main to skill all infomation will be giving upon purchase, ill provide all recov details, and email address and password as i dont use it Offer Away GuysSelling lvl 64 P2p intiate pure. RSGP or PP!i am selling this pure. i accept rsgp or pp. [email protected] offer away cheaaap :)
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