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    BUYING 30 def turmoil pure or max 1 defi have quite a bit to spend, no scammers an OMM/ MM will be used already lost 180M to "zaney" and he is officially a ****. also got stalled for 2 hours with "stonker" who was selling 30 def 60 atk quested so dont waste your time. any solid sellers let me know im very flexible with payments and am also looking at selling/swapping my maxed out 40 defence account with 7 99's (112cmb). pm me as im not using due to scammers raiding it 24/7. recov check will be done therefore any attempt at using your 12 year old leet skills to scam should be eradicated hopefully. i want a quick, efficient trade with no bullshit or bad attitude. thankyou.[Buying] 99 str obby mauler or g maulerI am looking to buy a 99 str obby mauler or g mauler.Will focus mainly on paypal and a omm can be used. Will pay a good amount of money for one. Post before you message my [email protected] fremmy or tank rangerLevel 73 combat no recoveries no email the account has a username not an email login which is great Has 5k mith bolts and a few sets of black d hide and some black mystic tops Great stats to become a tanker or just leave its defence and own everyone Done Fremmenik Trials. Taking RSGP ONLY [email protected] . Add me Has accumulator 10mil A/W[Pure] 98 Str Melee PureSelling This 98 Strength Pure, 200k off 99 Strength. Please note the skills are not quested, so do the quests and youll have a sick whip pure. Make it a staker? Pure? Main? The Choices are up to you. If You have any doubt in my Trustworthyness, Check out the vouches on my Gold Shop Thread sythe/showthread.php?t=1053552 Offer on The thread, no AW or Pm meSell berserker pure |dragon gloves+veng|Sell berserker pure * CB 91 * Dragon gloves * Lunar spels Stadss qeusts Add me on or sent a pv if u are intressed. [email protected] a multi spaced namestate the name.[RsGp] Selling Amazing 1 def pure [RsGp]Sold to Im Alexw for 100m... thanks m8!!!!!!!1have fune with the [email protected][RSGP][SWAP]Lvl 82 Zerker[RSGP][SWAP] ( 1 2 3)NOW 8M AUTO WIN!!! POST ON HERE + PM ME! Hey guys, title says it. looking for bids 10m+ (10m A/W!!!!!!!(or nearest offer) (cheapp!!)) if you wish to swap i am looking for a RANGE STAKER ONLY. (preferrably higher HP then range (eg: 60 Range 70-80 hp) (just example) or next best thing Please post on here FIRST THEN PM ME on sythe and i will add YOU on so we can discuss If you are trusted member i will go first. if not YOU get trusted MM (i will ask him to give me links for HIS vouches etc.). I have done two account trades both high levels with high stats successfully i am not here to scam only to sell this account as i am no longer going to be pking. This character makes a perfect f2p zerker or p2p even! it is perfect for pking with. Is able to get barrow gloves without level defence (defence IS quested with 40 atm (addy gloves) you just need to get cooking up few levels for rune/barrow)
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