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    WTB a pure from a VERY trusted member 150m+/75$+ ( 1 2)Looking to buy any type of pure, must be a trusted user. Willing to pay 150m+ or 75$+ PP List your accounts belowselling 74 Pure Cheap!Selling my pure to help cover costs for my main. I am currently making rsgp payments for a botting service on sythe (jaws101). So im just trying to make some extra cash. This pure comes with 60att/93str/2def/70range/89magic It has mith gloves and only needs a higher agility level for addy. MM is complete. i know im not trusted on here so i will go first, and or we will work out a 50/50 sort of trade. Thanks [email protected] A/W is 30Mil rs gp.buying 99 strength (or close to 99) - 1 def pure!! rsgp or paypalhey sythe, I am looking to buy a 99 strength , 1 defence pure so that I can use and go like d clawing and stuff Requirements: -60 attack -preferably 99 str or atleast 80. post it and i will see. - 31 prayer or exceptions - preferably 70 range but dont really care - 70+ magic no summoning...must be 1 would appreciate if it was quested with dt and mm done but also dont care. like i said i really want a 99 str pure, so please post what you have and how much you are looking for and add my [email protected] you will go first or OMM/ trusted mm will be used.[RSGP] 86 Combat ZerkerI am getting back into Runescape after a long break and have started a new account but am in need of gold. That is why I am selling this old account. I know this account isn't really anything special so I do not expect a huge sum of money for it. Offer me something reasonable and I'll think about it Stats: Quests: So it has rune gloves and DT done but no lunars :/ It has a complete unholy book but I dropped it for bank space and the account is f2p so you have to get membership and then go to the lighthouse to recover it. The account's bank is completely cleaned out as well. It has no email registered but I am working on removing the recoveries and will post a pic when they are gone. Offer away[RSGP Only][60+Vouches] 2 Amazing accounts [Original Owner][Reliable]I am the original owner, and will take off all of the emails and recoveries when I find a serious buyer. What you see is what you get, no money on the accounts ect., Im only accepting rsgp as my payment, will not go first so dont try, will use omm at your cost 1. A/W 65mill 2. SOLDselling a great money makeing account "box/fish"hey everyone i am selling my account that i made about 8 months ago and i my self made the account was not boted or bought from someone because i have terrible anxiety and pretty much have no life now and sit in side and play runescape LOL yah whatever, but im lookin for money to start a pure pker. this account has no recoverys where never set and nothing is registerd to the account, has no quest done so u can really do whatever you want with them weather you want prayer up or not, we will use a omm and you will pay the fees. someone has already offerd 15m but im looking for a bit more so please let me know soon im trying to pkSelling level 74 pureMy pure im selling. 60 attack, 89 strength, 79 hp, 60 range, 2 defence, 51 prayer, 85 mage, 75 mining, 70 crafting, 50 RC, 41 woodcutting. 1.4mil cash. Good pking account. 15 mil cash or $20 paypal.99 hp 79 range 63 combat! ultamate staker!Hey guys, I'm selling this absolutely amazing staker! Made quite a bit with this acc for my own personal enjoyment But i spent most of my time training it.. I under no circumstances will go first... We WILL use OMM and YOU will pay fee's. STATS! COMBAT! [email protected]
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