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    [RSGP]75 Attk, 99 Str - Staker - 77 CMBStarting Offer: 10m A/w: 50m Please leave your offer and your i will add you.Starter Turmoil Pure! Already has 95 Prayer 30 Def! Take a look, taking RSGP A/W 70m!Hey there, selling my great account take a look, add me on , i will go first to repped users, or you can hire a OMM. My : [email protected] Pics:Selling claw rusher 63 combat 82 mageSelling for 25m has membership until august. I am willing to negotiate or swap. (possibly a 1 month pin and 12m) More pics will be posted soon.Lvl 103 Bandos Pure. 4 99's OVERLOADS,3 CHAOTICS,99 DUNG, 99 HERB, 99 AGI 99 STR 60MPayment and rules -I am selling this account for RSGP AND PAYPAL only. -Autowin is 150m or 80$ . Also accepting rares such as Santa hats, edibles, H'ween masks, etc. Willing to also sell for less than the a/w -I will NOT go first . You go first otherwise we can use a mm you pay fees. -Post here or add my : [[email protected]] The account has VENG, BARRAGE, TELEBLOCK, and is basically a zerker killer. If you get 70 defence you can wear ahrims to basically beat the crap out of any zerker hybrid your level. It is also 138k exp from 99 str. Happy Bidding!Selling beast F2P pure! LvL 70, 29M+*Stat picture is outdated, now has 50 attack (gmauler) and 87 ranged.* Looking to sell for IRL cash or RSGP. The account DOES HAVE recoveries set, but i can either take them off before sale or have a recoverie test done; i'm keeping the recoveries on for MY protection. Im not stupid, i have alot of experience selling/buying accounts (WoW mainly) and will not be scammed so dont bother. Lets cut to the chase, the account is level 73 with nearly 30M. The pure was made for F2P pking, then i decided recently get 50 attack for more fun and better loot. This account can easily be turned into anything you want. Heres some pictures.. Stats: Net-Worth: Offences: Login: : [email protected] accounts, one is 70+7 cb with rune gloves and the other is 51 cb with addy gloves ( 1 2)I was making a dds staker but I have other better pures that I can pk on instead. I don't really care about how much money you can make staking I just think pking is fun. I won't go first to anyone, I've already been warned that'll get me 2 def. I'm only looking for 10m RSGP plus i'm selling this (infinity/handcannon) pure this account has rune gloves, ancients, monkey madness, ava's, FULL zammy book, all the quests you'd want done are complete! (unless you want turmoil and handcannon then you need a couple of quests) It's a rune miner! 25m for this accountAwsome Hand Cannon Pure!! 1 Hit!! It's Cb LvFOR SALE IS A BEAST OF A HAND CANNON PURE! GREAT PKER! IT'S ABLE TO 1 HIT PLAYERS IT'S LEVEL! WITH EASE!! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR OFFERS! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR OFFERS!! MANY THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY THREAD!! FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON ! BUT PLEASE YOUR ON HERE BEFORE ADDING ME ON ! [email protected] - 99STR/RNG/MGE/ 1 def 60 atk!close- llack of interest page 3/4
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