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    Beastly 62 Cbt Pure, 94 mage! [PP][RSGP]Post your offers please I Will unregister the email adress and give you the password for that email adress too. Has about 2m or something in the bank, Lots of pking gear and runes. Only need 50 fm and afew more quests untill it can do DT.Looking for HYBRID around level 78 == Paypal Paying!Hey Everybody! Im looking for a hybrid around level 78 with 1 defence! idc what the stats are as long as its got 60 attack 1 defence![300+ Vouches][113+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 62 Pure | 2XP From 99 FM!| 90 Str, 31 Pray | 3M ( 1 2 3)8 Click for my discounted account shop! -20%-30%! Any questions? Hit me up on . Price RSGP: 70M : [email protected] Request PM! I don't provide account information for my own security unless I you seem trusted in my eyes. I have acceptable recovery information that I will keep securely in my hands since theres is a known scam method to trick me out of account information with me having to refund the money. If you would have a problem with the account, I will help you get it back. Log in page: Combat level: Bank: Stats: Quest Points: Black Marks: i tix For more accounts visit my account shop. Thanks#N/AI am selling my 20 def chaotic pure to fund my tank ranger pure i do not play this char anymore. It has Chaotic Rapier Chaotic Maul Ring of Vigor, Full Zammy book Rune gloves DT MM FULLY QUESTED all rfd done with 89 Dungineering I WILL NOT GO FIRST we will either use a OMM AT YOUR EXPENSE or you will go first HAS NO RECOVS SET. Unregistered email. is not a email login was made in 2007 No blackmarks. RSGP only i am trying to fund another pure Bids will start at MINIMUM 10m Autowin will be 60m may take less [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Please no lowball offer WILL NOT TAKE SWAPS OR PAYPAL DONT ASK SCAMMERS GTFO i wont fall for itNearly Maxed AGS Pure | 84 Herb (Spec Restore Pots) | 99 Range | 99 MagicI'm selling my pure because schools starting for me very soon, and I just have no time to play on more then one account so I decided to use my main due to school/work so I need this account gone. A/W: 80M It's a beautiful account! - It's never been botted on. - I'm the original owner. - I'll provide ALL previous information. - 84 Herbore for SPECIAL RESTORES, they help SO much when PKing. I accept RSGP/Paypal (Swaps must be a very good dea) My : [email protected] : Ryanhurdur Pictures: BID AWAY.Selling Zerker [cheap!] [rsgp] [good Stats] [78 Combat]I am selling this account because i need rsgp badly E-Mail WILL be changed and recoveries WILL be provided There is no bank pin on this account It still has some membership left (ends sept. 21st) It does have 46 defence since i was going to make it a turm zerker Auto win is a pair of claws or 15m Stats! Quests! Combat! Please i would like a fast sale!!!lvl 71 Dbow pure!selling low level dbow pure with 42 att str def 82 range 52 prayer, great for rushing dclaw rushers!!! pm if interested or have any questions. !!ONLY ASKING 5M!! forgot to mention this in status it does have i believe 2 pieces of void already on it!Buying Korasi Pure !Hi guys add my : [email protected] I REALLY WANT 1 AND I LOVE THEM PLEASE I'LL BUY IT IDC ATLEAST IT HAS A KORASI AND ITS A PURE!
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