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    WTB 2k+ ZEAL PURE!!!LOOKING TO BUY AN ACCOUNT with 2k+ zeals!! must be 1 def, 1 pray, and below 40 hp! looking for trusted sellers. add my and post here if you have an offer [email protected] =1 MUST HAVE SKELETON/CHICKEN SUITPost here║Mary Pk║Account Shop║CHEAP║[RSGP]║Will go first if your trusted. Please Vouch after trade Account #1 -Makes 300-600k a night botting yews -Will sell for 1M Account #2 Makes about 5m throughout the day staking on un suspecting noobs, the account is lvl 60. I personally have made 3M In 2 hours and got bored. Will sell For 2-3M ADD MY Buying accounts with 63+ hunter.Hello guys, im buying all accounts that got over 63 hunter. Wont pay more if it got other stats. Tell me the hunter level and price and if its email or recovs set!Selling Mage Pure 10 HP, 91 Mage !!(RSGP)- Only accepting RSGP - Any questions, feel free to ask. A/W - 30M[Buying] Lvl 3 with a 99 [Exceptions]Not buying a lvl 3 with 99 wc or fletch...Preferably I want the account to have 99 thief or hunt. Also, not looking for a maxed lvl 3, just one I can work on that already has a nice cape from the skills I hate. Thanks.Selling Multiple Great 1 Def Pures w, post here if interested . Please do not make foolish bids :S it is a starter pure even though already a decent pker, has filled book, A few good quests done and 2m wealth + membs. ACCOUNT #2: SOLD! great ftp pure Login: Stats: ACCOUNT #3: all the pics: i have all previous info, passes, and it comes with 1 WHOLE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP! Account #1 a/w: 20m Current Bid: 15.5m Account #2 = SOLD!! Account #3 a/w: 17m Current Bid: 9m : [email protected] Level 3 99 Fisher.Hey. got some old bots to sell. never been banned and they have def so they can fish on karamja. they also have no recovs obv. 10m RSGP tell me if you want to buy more then 1 i have 3 at the moment. thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.