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    [PP][RSGP]Mage Pure [DT]Hi, I'm selling this pure. It has 82 magic at a combat level from 50 and it has DT finished. It has 0 wealth. You won't chargeback (If paid with PayPal) and I won't recover. It has an fake e-mail login, one I can't get or have never had. I won't go first, you'll pay OMM fee's. The account has no offenses. Pictures: I'm Accepting : RSGP & PayPal Current offer : 13M Auto Win : 20M. Level 56 pureSelling my level 56 pure. 86k xp till 99 woodcutting. UPDATE: Now 99 woodcutting. UPDATE 2: Now 69 fishing List all offers below I will NOT go first, unless really trusted. ://s1232.photobucket/albums/...921-065907.png - No Recoveries proof ://s1232.photobucket/albums/...921-062114.png - Showing account wealth ://s1232.photobucket/albums/...921-062052.png - Showing account stats ://s1232.photobucket/albums/...=offencesz.png - Showing proof of no offencesSelling Defence Pure - 99 Firemaking , 90 Cooking ( 1 2)Selling this awesome defence pure , very good starter skiller or starter summoning tank. Will set a a/w later , just bid away guysSelling 75str pure and Runite MinerThe account now has 50 attack and I also have a lvl 85runite miner . I am creator of all these accounts and there are no emails/recoveries so no worries . I will be accepting pp gift or RSGP only. If you have an offer post it or if you know better asking price for these let me know ://i52.tinypic/2q88zt1.png ://i51.tinypic/2ajxv6x.png This is the miner ://i53.tinypic/wjbbxu.png I realize these pictures are slightly old and hard to see but the pure has 75str 50att 1def and the miner is lvl 85 just to verify.[BUYING] 9HP Skiller [RSPG]Buying a Level 3 account with 9 HP I'll offer 20m but i can easily change it, if you would like to work something out. 20m is just an offer, i'm willing to go higher a bit.[80 Dung]59 CB 1 Def pure[200k Tokens][RSGP]: [email protected] : i.stake I am currently only accepting RSGP as a form of payment. Pictures: Tokens/Stats Login Offer away.Buying 1 Deffence Pure 70dollarsSup guys, Aint been on for a year due to my account being scammed from me. Which made me quit Runescape and ,, But I'm back and eager to get back in my PKING BABY. Got 70dollars sitting in my Paypal account waiting to be spent! Im looking for; 1 Deffence pure 1 Prayer is a massive +++++ So hit me up with some offers! Thanks, Jake POST YOUR AND OFFER OR I WILL NOT REPLY VOUCHES Quote: Originally Posted by GFX | Justin Vouch for d0ntattack1, bought an account off me, used a MM. Went smooth! Quote: Originally Posted by The Black Tux Vouch for d0ntattack1. MMed his trade. Quote: Originally Posted by WalMart vouch for d0ntattack1 bought an account from him for 25mil went well ~WalMart Quote: Originally Posted by uglypixelz Vouch sold account for pp Quote: Originally Posted by cmthepro Vouch for d0ntattack1.Bought an account off me :///showthread.php?t=1082912Selling 99 Mining Skiller [RSGP]Welcome to my sell! Information: -Combat 3! -No email registered -No Recover Questions -Green Zone! Never botted. -99 Mining! -I do not play on this account, as i wish to max out my main account. So i'm wanting this account to sell FAST. -You must go first IMAGES: Current Bid: A/W: 25m -Bid stops on Oct. 1st 2011 before midnight-
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