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    [RSGP] Selling Rare Multi-Space Named starter pureD___K (3 spaces) - USERNAME LOGIN - 10m Bid - 15m a/w [/color] My is [email protected] .I am not going first. I am the original owner of the account. bank has no value. i have many other Display Names for sale (see my sig for a link), including another multi-spaced name. multi-spaced names are rare because they can no longer be created. 2 letter multi-spaced names are more rare for the obvious reason that fewer of them could be created. (anyone could have made a name like d--f--g--s--r) possible acronyms for D___K could be: Donkey Kong Daggonoth King Dark Knight Dragon Knight (the reason i made it, old RSC clan) D!ck King Denmark Devil King etc etc. it's whatever you want it to mean.[WTB] ACCOUNTS WITH 27 Runecrafting And 3+ dungeoneering [350kea] - [email protected] Price - 350k ea needs - 27 Rune crafting and 3-10 dungeoneeringWTB Lvl 3's with 3-10 dongeoneering ASAPplz close left things out terrible threadselling skiller!price is offer email loggin[RSGP] Level 3 Mining Skiller - 57 Mining - CheapHey guys, I am selling my level 3 account that has 57 mining. I am getting it up now, but yeah. The bank is worth around 200k or so. A/W = Not set Thanks![RSGP] Buying A Pure [RSGP]Looking For A Pure Hey guys, legit normal guy here looking for a nice pure, I'm not 100% sure on what type I want, just a nice pure, post the stats of the account below if possible. Will spend a bit for the right acc. Don't post if you're trying to scam, don't bother. Will not go first unless you have 20% vouches. Types I'm interested in: 40atk / 90+ str / 1def / 40+ range / 40+ mage / 1 prayer 40atk / 60+str / 40def (quested / 40+range / 40+mage / ~33 prayer 40atk / 55+str / 1def / 60+ range / 60+mage / 1prayer 1atk/1str/1def/70+range / 70+mage / 1prayer Still open for suggestions, accounts must have no email/recoveries. - [email protected] - Nagadeshh+ Buying a Range Pure +Hey. I'm currently seeking a Range Pure. The Range level must be 80+ and the rest of the combat stats must be 1, aside from Constitution. If it has a 99 non-combat skill, that would be a plus. Please post or PM me either the stats or an image of the stats (even if you simply PM me or post your stats, proof via an image will be required anyway) and the combat level. Please note that I will only be purchasing from a trusted user, which will be determined through my discretion. Thanks.[must Look]Autowin: 50Mil Current offer: 10Mil If you are genuinely interested please post a message on my wall, post here or add me on . you can ask to meet me in game if you like. email will be removed upon purchase and its only ever had one password. Ok so here are pictures of my account. My login screen: ://i51.tinypic/34q2xs3.jpg stats: ://i54.tinypic/124zrr5.jpg combat lvl: ://i53.tinypic/ekjj2f.jpg dung tokens: ://i53.tinypic/i42us1.jpg wielding dung items: ://i56.tinypic/353cfms.jpg blackmarks: ://i55.tinypic/xejrl3.jpg No spam on this thread thanks, looking for serious buyers.
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