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    [swap] Or [rsgp] Please Read ThreadA/W 200M Hey im getting rid of my 131. I'am its orginal owner. i51.tinypic/2nrpyf7.png i54.tinypic/14y8v1x.png i55.tinypic/24loc9v.png i56.tinypic/35mp3pe.jpg i55.tinypic/6jjarb.png There is email but i dont know email because i set 3 years or something ago i set its recvs but recvs will be cancled if you are really concerd i can take out the EMAIL. By that i mean lock up the accselling almost maxed puretrying to sell 10 def pure with a few things extra this account has rune gloves and can use handcannon, would like to get a level 60-65 pure with around 25m. even though its 10 thiev desert treasure is done, its 10 due to the rollback. handcannon is able to be used also over 300m put into this account on mage, range and summon.Buying Staker 1pray/sum [rsgp]Buying a staker with 1 pray/sum looking for: High def/attack 75 or lower str, hp does not matter. quested = i pay more, please leave a post here to your thread or description of your account. Spending up to 100m (If the acc owns) [email protected][RSGP/PAYPAL]Level 70 - Fully Quested - 80+ Range, Mage and Str.[RSGP/PAYPAL]Hey, selling another account. As per usual I will not go first unless your are highly trusted. Im perfectly fine using a trusted middle man. You pay the fees. Paypal and RSGP ONLY. No Swaps. : [email protected] Vouches can be found in my sig. Good luck bidding. A/W: 30m/$30Trading In 131 For A Decent Pure. I Will Not Go First Unless You Have 40+ Vouches.Hey im getting rid of my 131. I'am its orginal owner. I will be not going first. You will say password i logg on than you logg in you tell info and i tell info easy enough. i51.tinypic/2nrpyf7.png i54.tinypic/14y8v1x.png i55.tinypic/24loc9v.png i56.tinypic/35mp3pe.jpg Sorry i will not go first because the email on the acc is 3 years old and i dont know it. I just recently set recvs but they wil be cancled. I will get acc locked once trade is happeing so the email is gone.Lvl 89 Main Account 30$ paypalSelling A Main Account ItS Not Amazing, I dont play runescape anymore so ill even take lower than 30 message me on aim- [email protected] 32 Def Turmoil Pure! RSGP/PPmoved[rsgp] Level 72 Pure StrCURRENT BID: 60MIL BANK INFO: NO PIN EXTREMELY LOW AMOUNT OF CASH ON ACCOUNT, A LITTLE OVER 300K POSSIBLY, MAYBE 500K IF YOU'RE LUCKY. STRENGTH CAPE IS ALREADY ON THE ACCOUNT SO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE. LOST CITY IS COMPLETED, MONKEY MADNESS IS NOT. YOU WILL BE USING A DRAGON LONGSWORD. RANGE IS 69 BUT I WILL LEVEL TO 70 FOR BLACK D'HIDE IF YOU PAY EXTRA AHEAD OF TIME. THIS ISN'T MY PRIORITY AND THE SALE OF THIS ACCOUNT IS NOT EITHER. THIS IS ALL UP TO YOU AND NOTHING YOU COMPLAIN OR love you ACCOUNT WILL EFFECT THIS. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A START BID OF 5MIL AND EXPECT TO WIN. THOUGH I WILL NOT MENTION A START BID OR AN AUTO-WIN, PLEASE USE YOUR BRAIN. SCAMMERS WILL NOT BE DEALT WITH, AND YOU MUST FIND AN MM TO USE. I WILL NOT PAY THE FEES, AS I SAID, AND WILL ADDRESS AGAIN, I REALLY DON'T CARE. I WILL GO FIRST FOR TRUSTED AS THERE ARE RECOVERIES ON THE ACCOUNT AND THERE REALLY ISN'T ANYTHING GOOD TO STEAL. NOTE TO ANYONE WHO BUYS: 1. YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL INFORMATION OF PAST, AND PRESENT MEMBERSHIPS 2. YOU WILL RECEIVE ACCESS TO OWNING THE EMAIL TO THE ACCOUNT [WE WILL CHANGE IT TOGETHER] 3. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE RECOVERY QUESTIONS. WE WILL NOT DO A RECOVERY ACCOUNT AS I FOR ONE BELIEVE IT JEOPARDIZES THE SECURITY OF THE ACCOUNT [ALLOWS JAGEX TO NOTICE RWT]. THANK YOU FOR READING MY CAPS, IT FELT GOOD.
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