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    Level 63, full chicken and rubber chicken (RSGP)posted in wrong section, please delete, sorry.[pure Hybrid] Amazing 73 Combat Pure Must See! [paypal/rsgp Only]Welcome to my thread, Im selling my pure because I'm bored of it and I also have my main and maxed zerker to play on. Here's some screenshots of it: What you get when you purchase: Username and password All previous info needed to recover the account Offer RSGP or PAYPAL $ Start bidding The combat level is 73 and all pure quests needed are done inculding addy gloves. Add my [email protected] if interested.selling maxed dds/d claws pure [combat 74]hey selling my pure for rs gp please leave your offers below, i want to go first, if your trusted or we use omm i am a newcomer so im not going to ask anyone to go first. dont just add my and try impose someone, leave your offers below.thanks[RSGP/SWAP] Selling lvl 95 zerker - Barrows gloves, 94 magicHello. I'm selling my zerker and I'm looking for RSGP for my staker because I got cleaned so I'm selling my other accounts for RSGP, but I'm also willing to swap, preferably for a 1 def pure. It has 94 magic and lunar completed, has barrows gloves (RFD completed) etc and has got about 500k in bank. Lvl 95+6 with summoning. Pics: : [email protected][RSGP/PP] Selling 10Def Korais, 99Str/94Mge/DT/MM/MITHGLOVES/FIRECAPE Puresold..◄★►Beast Main◄►137 CB◄►Turmoil◄►284 QPS◄★► Trusted✔ RSGP Only✔ ★99 Slayer★ KorasiHi guys Leebums here selling my BEAST main 137. I will be selling it cheap due to needing money on my pure . And I decided to sell only because i don't use it anymore so what's the point of keeping it if someone can have fun on it for themselves. This account is a beastly pker no one can handle me. I down all the noobs lol. If interested add my [email protected] ToS 1. You go first or you pay for OMM 2. We can do 50/50 if you like 3. Scammers please leave. 4. I am trying to sell fast if i can. A/w- 130m L/w- 90m Post offers and add my if interested- [email protected][RSGP/PAYPAL] Beast level 85Hi, I'm selling my level 85. RSGP OR PPAL Make me offers I don't go first unless I deem you as trusted. OMM will be at your cost.[RSGP/PAYPAL] Few accounts for sale [STAKER/PURES]1st - level 73 Box staker, won me millions! (never had recovies or email etc) Current bid - 2nd - level 100 Current bid - I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOUR HAVE A FAIR FEW VOUCHES OR YOUR MOD/ADMIN, IF NOT OMM WILL BE USED! Thanks:)
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