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    rune pure/ skiller with 2x 99s----questedselling a rune pure/skiller with hunter and cooking skillcape and about 1,5m wealth, post or pm offers[Two 99s]Nice Zerker :)[Two 99s]Hey guys , first off , i know i'm ''new'' (join date) but i'm not stupid and i've been in black business for long time . I won't go first but will be happy to use any (i wont pay any fees) I accept either Paypal or RSGP [email protected] post here or leave me pm[RSGP] Nice pure, 69 combat. [94 mage, dt.]This is my pure. Has an a/w of 160m without claws. Quests, bank, stats etc below. No swaps. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests: Fully Quested Ini-Pure|80 dung,rapier|92str|94mage|RSGP|Attention: NOW HAS ARCANE STREAM ASWELL! Hello sythe. Selling my fully quested ini pure. Has rune gloves + dagon hai quest done, def was fully quested. Comes with 78 dung and all the tokens with it. Only 300k exp until 80. Almost has 80 att which will be ideal for the rapier or maul. Please post email when you offer. Starting bid: 25m A/W: 85-100m (will probably sell lower) Pictures:Selling maxed pure 95HP [RSGP]I am making a new pure because I like pking in 60s combat more than maxed pure lvls. I am the original owner of this account, and am looking to have a nice cash pile to start my new pure. Got a lot of Dclaw and whip pks with this acc. Its pretty fun for pking. It has the original name still, never changed before, you do not need to log in with an email adress, RSN only COMBAT LVL:82 all pure quests finished. only thing not done is that it still has mithril gloves, doesnt need much work to get addys. FULL UNHOLY BOOK. RSGP only, you must go first unless trusted.Sell Almost Maxed Mage Staking Account!Okay this is how it goes.. add me on i will more then likely never be on. soo leave price and messages here.. this account has made billions of gp.. if u want some sort of proof of the capabilities, watch jaredthepker videos on utube.. this is not the account for sale but almost simliar if not better stats for mage. ITS COMBAT 93.. AND MAXS AT CMBT 97/98 soo imagine goin up to a lvl 138 and making him stake lots more then u wen u would have the same stats. Heres some stats while some kind person tells me how to upload a picture on this site. Att:78 (pvp weapons) def:91 ( almost 92 ) HP: 86 Range:87 Mage:99 Prayer:11 Summonin:1 Hunter:99 Dung: 62 ( picture shows 50 ) as currently trying to get as high as possible for sale =] Starting 50m A/W 250M Think This Will Do:[Unreal][91 Range] CB 62 Pker [RSGP][Only]My super awesome pker. Will sell for the right price only. Here ya go:42 defence pureok so i want to sell this account dont use it having problems uploading pictures but i should get them up soon so here are his stats atk 60 str 79 def 42 range 72 prayer 52 magic 63 fishing 77 40 qp d slayer,animal mag,hftd,mm,lost city death plataeu thanks
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