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    Buying a good handcannon pure, or rolled back pure.Post your best with picture's must have no email or recoverys set, you will go first or we use omm with recovery test you pay fee's[RSGP] Buying handcannon pure must have mems]title says all, dosent have to have any wealth. add [email protected] Hand cannon pure/ 1 def pure (RSGP) VERY TRUSTED PEOPLE ONLY ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hello guys I'm looking to buy a handcannon pure. I will only buy one from a very trusted member of sythe I am not looking to have the acc recovered like 3/4 of you kids will do. My price range is 1-50m or 50-90m for a very good/ amazing cannon pure. Do not post you kids that have 300 post 4 vouches and have a creation date from may. I would go first to a very senior member of sythe. Or we will most likely use an mm.[RSGP/SWAP]Selling 99 Ranged Pure W/ Firecape and More!HOT~~ClosedTurmoil Pure | 32 Defence | 91 Dung | 95 Prayer | Quested |I'm selling this for paypal/rsgp. S/B is 80m/$50. I will no longer go first due to no lifes going out of there way trying to ruin my account. I've already gotten 3 sythe users banned for attempting to scam/keylog me. Don't be one of them fools because all your efforts will be wasted. Don't be discouraged becayse of the defence level. It still maxes out at 102 combat even though it's 32 defence. (With 80 attack anyway). Currently 96 combat in f2p and 103 in p2p. The account is ready to pk and all you have to do is re-buy some supplies. This account has done all quests you will pretty much need to worry about asides from korasi. Some pictures:Selling accountsSelling 2 accounts first come first serve taking any offers First account Combat level 64 rare name:120 seconds Has members selling some rare names 1m __ Eint , aete , Eete , 500k ___ iete , l7ie, l7ark My is [email protected] if trusted enough i will go first if not we will use a ommLevel 85 Zerk With Veng&99 Agility!Hey everyone. looking for straight up rsgp mostly. Post offer's. Level 85. 1 Summ 99 Agility Magic Cooking And 90 Mining. Has Rune Gloves, Zanik's C'Bow, 4 Rune Defenders And Agile L, Nature's Spirit and quest's have been done. Good Account Just not into 45 defence would prefer 1. Thanks all. [email protected] Level 96 Account $17 Pp!Im selling my level 95 account for $17 PP, pictures below, post a reply or PM me if your interested. It also has 2.4 M worth of items photoshop/users/kyle1...a3f5/slideshow Thanks!
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