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    Chaotic pure and Chaotic staker!! 8 0 D U N G E O N E E R I N GPure Current offer, 65m. Staker (30 days of member ATM) Cuurent offer, 45m. RSGP ONLY, NO SWAPS!!!CB 62 | 520k Dung Tokens | 90 Dung | 1 Def + Prayer | Potential pker/stakerSOLD!![RSGP][PAYPAL] STARTER PURE LEVEL:64 [ Z e R K e R ] [PAYPAL] [RSGP]So Guys, im selling my Starter Pure, Please take a look at the pictures below, and maybe place a bid? Ps: Not going first unless you have 30+ vouches! or you can pay for OMM A/W = 25M / $25 Picture 1 Picture 2 My only : [email protected] my level [email protected]@ 60 Attack 99 Str 1 Def Pure! 220m Wealth! [Paypal] @@Hi been building this account to sell for a while now Made back in 09 60 attack 99 str 4 def ): unfortunatley 43 prayer COMBAT 79 the classic old school pker stats. no smite or def or whip etc. Only looking for paypal im afraid the account WILL COME WITH THE WEALTH D CLAWS,FURY so with the 190 odd million cash adds up to a bank of around 230-240million gp. Please add my to talk or post on here Will remove the email on finding a buyer also willing to and Verify etc. As always all details will be given p.s Im olld school don't try and scam! Look at my join date 07! Add - [email protected][70+ Vouches] Selling Beginner Chaotic Pure [80 Dung]sold. CloseBuying 80attack 80dung pureif anyone has one feel free to post here and ill make an offerS< pic rapier+cls staker!! 87 dung! 1pray/sum[RSGP]Hello its Laimiite12 here again , selling another beast account :p! As i'm working on my other staker rapier im selling this 1. WE can either use middle man or you can freely go first! i will go first to trusted member! : [email protected] A/W is set to 120m atm. pictures below.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.