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    [RSGP] Selling a BEAST 30 Def Turmoil Prod [RSGP]Hello , well the time has come to grow up and move on from runescape. I need to start to sell my accounts and gain some cash from it , however I would like to buy a phat before I leave to put on a level 3. I'm selling my beloved Turmoil pure , this account is truly beast with a substantially high total level , 99 herblore and other reputable skills. Combat: 94+5 Has 117 Qp's with all pure quests done , just needs witches house done for Rune gloves. Not Autowin set as of yet. All offers over 100m will be considered , but not necessarily accepted. Leading Offer: 200m RSGP. Autowin now set at: 250m NOW HAS 88 DUNG AND 160K TOKENS! NOTE: An OMM WILL be used for this trade , I will pay Fees. Please do not add my . Either PM me with an offer, or post on this thread with you contact detailsSelling 60 Attack 1 Defence Pure (£ or RSGP)Selling my 1 defence pure, simply because i don't want it anymore. Will accept paypal or rsgp. Stats: freeimagehosting/6496f No email registration: freeimagehosting/4c7b9 Post offers, and I will message if interested. If any other details wanted please ask. Auto win of this account is: 25m[PAYPAL] Selling level 69 Veracstaker! [11 VOUCHES]Hello, right i'm going to sell my old staker due to being scammed by some retard earlier on today. Nothing to special, but has a bit of money on it and average stats! has potential to become a sick boxer, obviously if you get the stats needed! You will receive the e-mail address this account is linked with, which ISP I had when I created this account etc. I don't have the members pin stored anywhere, which is a shock since I normally screenshot etc I will do my best to grab everything I can possible! Login Screen Stats & Invent So i'm looking for $20 anyways, hope this isn't asking for too much, obviously post offers below! Thanks in advance![PP] Selling F2P pwner CB 63 [PP]Att 40, str 95, def/pray 1, range 70, mage 91, 99 flet+fm. Just looking for cash (PP). Since Im new, Ill pay the costs of a OMM. I can provide all the information of the account, since Im the original owner.selling lvl 69. 94 magic DT DONE!60 att 2 def 81 str. 52 pray , 83 range and 94 magic. he has desert treasure done.for serious bidders please PM me and post on here. Guess what im new but gotta start somewhere so we will use OMM. for proof of pictures and what not PM me and i will send them! Thanks.99 Dung pure!I am taking GP only! If anyone is interested PM me your & OfferSELLING LVL 72, 92 range, 1 def @!iv got a lvl 72. 60 att 1 def 72 str 52 prayer 92 range 55 magic. im new and stupid i dont know how to post pics. PM me and i will send them to you if u are interested. I am new so we will most likely use OMM. RSGP or Paypal (working on it) will be accepted . thank you[rsgp]selling A Level 80 Cb --80 Range--80 Cooking--94 Fishing--87 Wc'ing--99 Fm'ingthis account is for sale and i am looking for offers atm. AUTO WIN= 30M. AUTO WIN= 30M.
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