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    [Trusted]~~Selling Range/Dclaw Pure 76 CMB-88STR w/Ancientz~~[RSGP]Hi, i'm selling my beast range/d clawer or initiate pure. Yeah, you could possible get his range a couple lvls and hed be beast range/Dclawer or just use D scim/D claw. They both could work. Ive made the account myself, no botting and mostly trained at experiments. Pics will tell you the rest. Stats! Update: Has 80 Range now 88 Str 79 Constitution No Recoveries! Quests! Also serious buyers only please. :-Online: Im trusted so don't[PAYPAL]Lvl 130 Pker/Bosser 99 AGI 99 DUNG 99 HERB OVLS TURM 55M: [email protected] The account has no recovs, no email and has membership till August the 12th. The account comes with over 8K extremes and has turmoil and overloads. The acc has 3 chaotics (Staff,Rapier,Sword) ,firecape, filled zammy book, zaros book, charms for 88summoning, and many more. Pictures :[rsgp]level 53 [x2 99s!]w/99magic-99fletching-[rsgp]before we start i am the only original owner of this account =] i pushed alot of work , i never ever ever botted on it 'no black marks' as you can see,its level 53 wc with 99 magic and fletching! it has NO RECOVRIES OR EMAIL!AND NO BLACK MARKS!as i said above i never botted on it it has also 15exp in fletching =] (not the normal 13m) i absolutely know all informations about this account and im willing to provide them to the buyer :] A/W is: not set yet start bidding ;-) add me on [email protected] after posting here if you have a good offer i am only going first for trusted ppl only!we can use a MM or OMM! also keep the 1.8mGravite/Chaotic Pure Store [RSGP/PayPal]Relocated store to the 3-59 section as most of my accounts will fit better into that level range. Link: sythe/showthread.php?t=1178741 Could a mod please lock or delete this topic? thank youBuying starter main or pureHi, I am looking to buy any account that has the requirements for, but has not completed: dragon slayer, and monkey madness. If you have an account that fits this description, please let me know my email is [email protected] Thanks(RSGP/PayPal) Level 91 - Rare Name (RSGP/PayPal)I'm on my iPod about to go to bed but I thought I would post this. I quit playing rs a while back, and my account is just collecting dust so i thought I would sell it. Display Name - Squat Perm Muted (lol) Level 91 F2P like a 96 P2P But yeah, will make the thread better later. PayPal and RSGP onlySelling a level 65 pure with 93 strenght level !hello , I'm selling my pure with 93 str called G5l , I do not know how to put Screenshots on forums, so Add me on Ill give you active Screenshots and you can go on TV and Ill log in and show you the account I have an email [email protected] , I will show all screenshots on Please chat with me On only. Not Email so we can have a fast quick discussion. I am looking for a good offer. Reason i'm selling this account is because my main recently got hacked and im trying to get as much money as i can and regain my money on my dead main. I will give all info , I do not want to scam you. I'm trying to get my main some money . Give me a good Offer The Username is G5l Check on Highscores and add me on ! also has Membership until the 28 of July I'm looking for 25m to 40m I looked at Rs4gold and they willing to buy for 20 dollars but i have to wait 14 days >.< i dont want to wait that long73cmb | Great Boxer Project | Rsgp OnlySelling this great account, little training and you got a beast boxer! Account has not email registered, no bankpin, no recoverys, no membership, it has little wealth IT HAS NOT A EMAIL LOGIN! So only RSGP, either we use OMM and you pay fees OR you go first. STATS: LOGIN DETAILS: JUST START BIDDING, NO A/W ATM!
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