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    (99)Amazing Rune Pure !!! Look(99)Hey guys trying to sell this account RSGP or paypal only leave your , pm me or add me [email protected] AUTOWIN IS 60M RSGP OR 50$ PAYPAL3 rs legit accounts cheaphaving trouble uploading pics as i have a imac and dont get it.. the accounts are: 63 combat pure 50 attack 70 str 83 mage 44 prayer 68 hp 72 ranging has done desert treasure and has mith gloves 2nd account - 88 combat 94 ranging 66 str 62 attack 54 defence 52 prayer 81 magic 83 hp 3rd account 103/109 combat 84 attack 89 str 75 def 82 range 92 magic 57 prayer 55 summoning has fire cape and torso im new to sythe so ill go first in trade to get trusted and all offers welcome wanting mainly $ but might accept rsgp thanks][PP/RSGP]Selling initiate whipper[89 fletch ( 1 2 3)Hey all. I'm selling my initiate whipper as i am now only playing runescape as my skiller. If anyone else wants a main or a 1 def pure, i'm selling those for cheaper than the gold on them, so message me about those. The account can kill experiments (great xp) Hits very good in pk. prayer is quested, and CAN kill jad if range is raised If you offer anything other than paypal or runescape gold, or dungueoneering xp glitches, you WILL be infracted. The account has no recoveries or email, and no days of member left, so don't ask. It has very nice fletching and whoever buys i will tell the best ways of making money via fletching. Non-trusted users - Send me money via envelope to my house or RSGP. Trusted users - paypal or RSGP. I don't go first. I've gone second for $50 trades so you can trust me. WILL use MM, probably drake. NOTE - the account now had enough money banked for a sara sword (9.5m) so that will raise the price a little. Thanks, Blade NOW 91 FLETCHINGFREE | 99 range tank 75 Def | No catch...Hey guys, i recently purchased membership on my old 99 range account.. The reason i bought it was to remove the 2.4k glorys that i was merching whilst using it at the time, I have not used this account since around late 2008, Im currently working on a decent pure with 90+ stats at 1 def so i wont ever feel the need to go back on it. If that was ever going to happen, which im sure it wont. I will inform you beforehand. The reason im giving it away is Im 100% sure i wont ever be using it again and hopefully somebody can get some enjoyment out of it. PLEASE - do not ask for this if you are an inexperienced player. Id love for somebody to get it that can use it to its full potential, Thanks guys ONLY - [email protected] Level 83 Zerker Pure ~ Amazing Staker! ~ (RSGP)WARNING! ~ IF YOU ARE HERE TO SCAM DONT BOTHER WASTING MY TIME ~ * The pictures prove his good stats the rest blanked out are 1! only a few skills which are above 1 which are quest skills! * Level 83! * Amazing dds/whip staker! Won 100m+ from staking! * 81 Woodcutting! good money maker! * Active membership! * Total level 666! Looking for legit buyers who will use an MM/OMM ( i am willing to pay fees) ~ If you are interested post here or message me for email address. ~[Rsgp]75 Attack pure, 2 99s, addy gloves,fire cape,DT done[RSGP]SOLD!!![RSGP] Level 80 ~ 78 Strength Pure [SUPER CHEAP] [Bid]Hey guys I'm selling a level 80 account that is a str pure with 78 str, 62 attack and 45 def. (Not a complete pure but still a "pure") Here's some screenshots: I am accepting all offers on this account and want to make a quick sale on this one. Some terms and conditions you must agree to before bidding: 1. You recognize that under NO circumstances will I go first in this trade, and will use an OMM if necessary; however, I will not pay the fees. 2. You are aware that once you have payed, you will receive the password to this account, along with the last password used. I have no other information to give. 3. You are aware that this ISN'T my account and I have no clue as to who's it is, when they last played, if they still play, or anything like that. When buying any account there is always a risk that the owner will recover, be aware of that risk and recognize that I WILL NEVER recover the account. Please bid in this format: Do you agree to the terms and conditions? How much RSGP are you bidding? Will you be going first or using an OMM and paying fees? Thanks guy, I hope to make this a quick saleTrading WoW account with 2 85's for rs account or RSGPHi im trading my WoW account with 2 85's for a runescape account or gold. I have a 85 human mage and a 85 night elf warrior. Both have epic flyers and my mage has a rare flyer called netherwing drake. I also have a level 50ish worgen druid as well. My mage is pve with 349 ilvl and my warrior is pvp with 352 ilvl. The account has about 8k gold on it overall and my warrior has 525 alchemy and 450 engineering. I am trading this for a runescape pure or main, but if it is a main it has to have a 99 combat skill. Please let me know the main stats of your account below if it is a pure or a main. If you want to trade RSGP for it then please make an offer. Thanks.
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