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    Level 73 Pure ! 99 mage 80hp 81 str 60 attack 88 range with 70m rsgpHow much would i get for this? im desperate for irl money and im wondering how much it would go far?sell mid lvl rune pure 30 days members left only $ 4 paypalok guys im selling this rune pure to try to get some quick cash to get membership on my pure i will not be going first only to very trusted i only want paypal and the account has an email on it but i have the email address and password for that email that i will give to the buyer after the payment is completed or if they want i can remove the email befor they buy also anyway this need to go fast soe first one that bid $4 wins I will give you the email to this account i will go first to anyone with 25 + vouches or staff members i can add 500k -1m gp to the account if buyer wants it heres some pics!Click Here! Rexxy's Account Sale | 3 Awesome PURES | Must see! (RSGP ONLY)*I only accept RSGP* Account 1: Fire Cape, Rune gloves, Torso, quested defence xp Combat 101 P2P|96 F2P Account 2: DT done! Combat 64 Account 3: Rune Gloves - MM, DT done, quested defence xp Combat 99 P2P|91 F2P No, I will not go first but if you want to use a middle man, it'll be at your own cost. Contact me at [email protected] or leave me a message in my inbox.Swapping my main for a pure!I've grown sick of this account after getting defence when it was a near maxed turmoil zerker. I'm looking to start over on a pure account! Contact Me At: [email protected] Contact Me At: [email protected] Contact Me At: [email protected] First off the stats on the account I'm willing to trade: It has lower defence good for pking and also good for bosses. All MAJOR quests are done. ANCIENTS/VENGEANCE TURMOIL BARROWS GLOVES KORASI High Total level! Contact Me At: [email protected] Contact Me At: [email protected] Contact Me At: [email protected] Account I'm Looking For: 60 Atk 80+ Str 1-5 Def 88+ Range 1-52 Prayer 94+ Magic MUST BE QUESTED! Mith/Addy Gloves Ancients Prayer Books Monkey Madness Lost City ALL QUESTS DONE! A bonus would be: Skill capes Fire Cape 20m+ Networth Contact Me At: [email protected] Contact Me At: [email protected] Contact Me At: [email protected][RSGP] Selling pure, 71, dt, mm, mith gloves done, ( 1 2)Selling the pure displayed in the image below, has 0 black marks, Upadated image of stats ^^^ A/w 25m, For more info, contact: [email protected] Leave offer below,rs zerker with turmiol beast acc~~selling for rsgphey, this is my acc i have been working on for while and i recently decided to quit due to irl problems. I have full proof of myself owning the acc, although at the moment i am unable to log onto runescape because my java is stuffing up. hopefully it is working by the time you guys message me. ~~add me on : faize.out GL guys. and make an offer ! tinypic/view.php?pic=34yxk7d&s=7Selling 2 Beast Range tanks [Cheap/Rsgp] [Members]Hello everyone. So i decided to sell these beast range tanks because I dont even use them lol. Accepting Rsgp only. We will use a MM or you will go first. I dont mind going first if your trusted. What do I mean by Trusted? Must show me a Vouchs thread with 20+ posts. My : [email protected] First account: 41 Def Range tank. Can be turned into a beast void pure. Price: 15M Member untill: 4th June Second account: 55 Def range tank. Fully quested. Lunars/dt/D gloves rfd Price: 15M Member untill: 17th May My Vouches are in my signatureselling my lvl 134 account (rsgp)closed
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