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    [rsgp] 78 Combat. 99 Mage, 99 Range, 95 Strength. [rsgp] [email protected] READ THIS - All of the accounts below that are being sold do not currently have membership; unless otherwise stated. - None of the accounts have any blackmarks. - Please ask for a PM before doing any trades with me, as this is to eliminate any imposters. - All of the account's have never been banned, unless otherwise stated. - Upon purchasing the account, Creation Details, First Password and PIN details will be provided if I have them saved. - As of now, I only accept RSGP as a form of payment. - I will not be going first, unless you have over 50 Vouches. We will be using an OMM by you're request. You'll be paying all the fees. - I know the E-Mail to all of the accounts, so they will be changed to your chosen E-Mail upon purchase due to the fact you cannot remove them with a recover request; with the only way to remove the E-Mail is by waiting 14 days. - You accept my rules before purchasing the item from me; I will not give any refunds. WANTS RSGPBest Range Tank Pure With 95 RuneCrafting!!Range Tank With 99 firemaking 95 range, 95 mage, 95 Rc 60 prayer 87 hp almost 88 30k exp, alot more, it'slevel 88 in wild has 70 defence, bank is ok quest - lunar done, mm done etc started rfd, more has no email or recovery's all old history like pass'es will be given etc. taking pay pal up to £60 or 50 - 60mil not going first willing to do MM you pay, i find or 50/50 no scammers [email protected] Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Beast Rune purehi guys selling my rune pure only taking rsgp offers, mm will be used we will split the fees. This account is 98+8 THIS ACCOUNT HAS TURMOILFully quested. the account has a somewhat rare name Any questions add my or pm me on here my is [email protected] dont really have a clue what the account is worth open to offers. Thanks. HERES MY VOUCH THREAD > sythe/showthread.php?p=8938748#post8938748Level 99 with 99 MiningSelling this level 99 combat. 83 strength, 70 prayer, 78 construction, 99 mining. Post some offers. New to this whole selling thing. Young Throat is the username so look it up on highscores ^.^rs accountmy lvl 68 needs a good home if you want it email me at [email protected] im looking for rs gold for himAmazing 1 Defence Pure for sale!My pure im selling. 60 attack, 89 strength, 79 hp, 60 range, 2 defence, 51 prayer, 85 mage, 75 mining, 70 crafting, 50 RC, 41 woodcutting. 1.4mil cash. Good pking account. 15 mil cash or $20 paypal.this account is lvl 68.....if you want this acc send me a email im taking rs money for it best offer will get it... [email protected]{RSGP/PayPal}Buying 99 Def Pure or 2k Zeal Account{RSGP/PayPal}I am either looking for a 99 def pure, or an acocunt with 2k zeals to get 99 def. I am willing to do either RSGP or Paypal which ever suits you. OMM will be used, willing to split fees. Post your accounts here before contacting me on . Thanks!
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