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    Level 91 - Veteran - 99 cooking - 95 wcHey guys, I am selling my main, I have used this account since 2004, so whoever buys it will be able to get a veteran cape. This account has level 91 combat. I will NOT go first, unless you're a trusted person (25+ vouchers). I will be selling the account for RSGP or runescape accounts (preferably a pure). I will not accept IRL cash. Pictures: Post away, thanks. EDIT: Oooops, posted in the wrong section, could a moderator please move it? The account is still for sale.Selling 2 Dung accounts! [200k Tokens] [40+ Vouchs] ( 1 2)Information about accounts: -They come with all information -Have been made to sell -No black marks! : [email protected] Account 2: AutoWin: 50m RSGP!!!!!!!!!!!![PAYPA] WTS Very Good Zerker *CHEAP* [PAYPAL]Hello, Thank you for coming and having a look at what I've got to offer! Pictures: I am selling this Zerker due to the fact that I've quit the game for sometime now and i know i'm never going to make a return to the game. This zerker is a little out of date i've heard but can be back to owning in pvp again in no time. Due to having problems with cash income i'm going to sell the zerker very cheap. B/O $60, £50, 55E BIDS: Please contact me via , or phone. : ANDREW.VENNING2 : [email protected] PHONE: 07796984710 Thanks very much. -AndyBuying turmoil< pure / zerker, 200M rsgpOnly buying from someone trusted with 10-20+ vouches" must be willing to use a omm for recovery testing.(Maxed account 8x99s cheap! scam proofplayerauctions/offer/...heap-53614802/level 74 with 1 defence 99 mage 88range 44 pray 83 strength [paypal]This account has basically all pure quests completed! Mith Gloves! DT! MM! Great account for pking! No Recovs!Level 82, 99 Mage, 89 Range! Dt Done! Lunar Done! Rfd Up To Dragon Gloves, Fire Cape!Combat level:82 Does it have recovs: No Has it been members: Yes Does it have bank pin: No Did you create the account: yes Will remove registered E-mail OMM will confirm. Starting bid: $10/15m I assume all responsilbiltiy for the account. The account has high levels in skills. The account has 125 quest points, This includes, Desert treasure, Lunar diplomacy. monkey madness, recipe for disatser up to dragon gloves. Crystal bow, Fire cape! The account has an item and cash value of 1M See image for all info: for a basic hybrid,tank!!!hey guys, im looking for a hybrid tank kind of account,high range,mage,70ish def, low attack and strength doesnt have to be amazing or wealthy. somthing along the lines of this doesnt have to be spot on. range: 80-85+ def: 70 mage: 80-85+ prayer: 52 strength and attack: not very high i will be paying with rsgp nothing over priced. i will be not be going first unless you have 50+ vouchers,donator etc i dont no want any recs or emails on the account. if you dont want to go first,at your expense you will be paying for the OMM fess. also i do not have as it has crashed so please pm thankyou
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