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    [RSGP] Selling Maxed 1 Def Pure With 115 dung-Every Chaotic +more [100+ vouches] --Stats ---------LoginPage -----------Chaotics Contact me by email: [email protected] ONLY Accepting RSGP VOUCHES sythe/showthread.php?p=926172385 Defence 99 Mage StakerI'm back selling another great staking account! This account is a pro armor staking account that already comes with Vesta Long Sword, Full Statius, and a Statius Warhammer. This account is extremely versatile as it also has 99 mage (no combats are gained) which can make a great mage boxer as well! I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER WHEN PURCHASED YOU WILL RECEIVE THE CREATION EMAIL AS WELL A TXT FILE WITH ALL DETAILS (TRANSACTION ID'S, CREATION DATE, PREV PASSWORDS, ETC.) COMBAT LVL 90 THIS ACCOUNT IS GREAT FOR ARMOR STAKING AND CAN EASILY MAKE OVER 100M A DAY Login: Statius/VLS: Wealth: Stats: I'm done trying my luck at the duel arena and have decided to get back into Pking! Terms:I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS I CONSIDER YOU TRUSTWORTHY! IF NOT WE WILL USE AN OMM! I AM NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS! PAYMENT METHODS RSGP AND PAYPAL (CLAIM AND CANCEL) STARTING BID: 50M/$25 AUTOWIN:????71 CB - Mith Gloves - 92 Mage - 88 Str - 77 Range - DT & MM donestats as said, pics below, comes with like 100k bank worth. as said, mith gloves + dt + animal mag + mm completed. 99 mage got rolled to 92, cape in bank looking only for RSGP or a range pure. You go 1st or OMM or TMM. or 50-50. pics below start bidding ; i660.photobucket/albums/u...reforsale2.png[RSGP] Selling Maxed 1 Def Pure With 115 dung-Every Chaotic +more [100+ vouches]

    Near Turmoil pure!Selling my turmoil pure because I need gold on my main. Accepting any bids. Look it up - Father Swag. PM Swag Pony in game[RSGP] Selling Maxed 1 Def Pure With 115 dung-Every Chaotic +more [100+ vouches]Closed- Messed UpSelling Amazing Account! (rsgp)Selling a level 78 cb account with 10 99's. 99 Agility, 99 Prayer, 99 Magic, 99 Thieving, 99 Crafting, 99 Mining, 99 Construction, 99 Ranged, 99 Cooking, and 99 Herblore. Also has 74 Runecrafting, 74 Farming, 78 Smithing, 77 Woodcutting, 75 Firemaking, and 61 Dungeoneering. The only flaws on this account is that is has 1 Attack, 59 Strength, 35 Defence, and 36 Constitution. The account only has the skillcapes Agile top and bottom and some pots from getting 99 Herblore. Message me to offer for the RuneScape Account. I only accept RSGP. Thanks for your time.Selling SICK Level 88 Rune Pure With 94 Mage and Ancients |1 Summoning|I am ONLY accepting PAYPAL or RSGP
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.