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    (RSGP) Selling almost maxed pure with Fcape & AnchorHey guys, i'm selling one of my most precious accounts due to the fact that I don't play much anymore. What you see in the two pictures is what you get. Everything is quested other than crystal bow and zaniks both easy to get. comes with a zuriel staff (deg) fcape anchor brawlers rc robes and guth and zammy book filled. To find the quests done go to adv log plz I have not canceled the email or recoveries and will not untill i have a final offer, either you will go first or you can pay omm fees for someone i see fit. Auto win is 250m bid away. Items: Stats:Selling Level 90 Skiller/80def/73 str/71att for cheap-Paypal onlyHey community, I'm kind of new to this craigs list rs scene. I don't know how to post an attachement on this thread so I'll just type everything out manually. 71- Attack 73- Strength 80- Defence 54- Range 40-Prayer 54- magic 3- rc 24- construction 1- dungeoneering 75-Hitpoints 28 agility 17 herblore 36- thieving 31 crafting 42 fletch 23 slayer 41 hunter 51 mining 37 smith 48 fishing 47 cooking 26 firemaking 70 woodcutting 9 farming 4 summoning Combat level: 90 Total level: 985 Quest points: 67 Total RS Gold: 355k (yeah its poor but can make money easy ) Items: Full rune trim (g) + rune scimmy + rune kite(g). many various items below 10k, too much to say everything, ammys capes etc. READ: I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO POST ATTACHMENTS and I have screen shots so it would be much appreciated if anyone could help. I only accept paypal sorry, because I want to use the money to purchase online stuff. Estimated Price: I'm thinking 30$. Because it doesn't have a crazy amount of money so it's really cheap guys and I'm willing to go lower if someone can convince me other wise. How to contact me: My email [email protected] I'm on it a lot so just post below and I'll contact you within a day or email right away =). my Paypal is different though so I'll post it to anyone willing to take this acount off my hands. I'm not a scammer guys and i'm willing to do stuff if you ask me =)71 COMBAT - 99 STRENGTH/RANGE DCLAW PURE! [Paypal+RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey! I'm selling my pure since I don't use it anymore. It has a decent bank, worth about nearly 9m. I'll go first if you are really trusted. AW - 100$ Stats and bank - Login -[Selling level 97] 77 att / 91 str / 58 def / 72 range / 99 mageHi I am the original owner of this account, this used to be my zerker untill a friend of mine decided to get def on it. I am 100% legit and need to get rid of this account asap to help fund my new pure. This would make a great potential barrows pure. The pictures below will show all.. and if you have any questions please will free the ask or pm me.. I am looking for RSPG (to fund me pure) but i can do via paypal if you feel better with that. - I dont know how to remove recoveries so i will give you the current ones along with all over info to the account. All major quests are complete - Bank pic 1 Bank pic 2 RFD complete upto dragon gloves, d.t complete, comes with fighter torso + penence runner boots and a few rune defenders. A lot of time has been put into this account and now i need to get rid of it.. let the bidding commence...Selling BEAST Lvl 90 Range Tank *Void & HC* 93 Range/94 Mage [RSGP]Hey everyone I'm here selling my range tank because I don't play it anymore and I need some more money to fund other pures. The account is a beast pker, and has done basically all needed quests (DT, Hand Cannon, Lunar(although not shown.)) The account has no wealth, all it really has is the void and some other junk/pots. Also, I don't have an so I will need to talk to the buyer over or something else, message me here on sythe, dont just post a reply with your .. Thanks!Buying Black Pure Or Starter PureLooking to Spend around 20m. if its a starting account say 60 att 60 str.. ur not getting close to that out of me. idgaf if theres quests done or not i'll quest it. I Have Experience Selling Accounts- Ive Sold 5 Already this will be my first time buying. ToS: i dont have to trade you if i dont deem you as trusted We will use OMM if i feel needed. will you go first?? how much are you looking for??Selling fully quested pure.Hello selling this fully quested pure. Make a offer. all recovery info can be provided on purchase. 68 rune pure!! [RSGP] cheap!!!lvl 68 RUNE PURE. RECOVS ARE SET BUT I WILL PROVIDE ALL INFORMATION ON THIS ACCOUNT NEEDED. I JUST WANT SOME QUICK RSGP. Please offer.
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