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    Xratioxhere is a 53 cb pure awesome stat's can make it into anyhting you want not done quetss but has all stat's to most quest can easily make cash with the stat's he has i1002.photobucket/albums/...5-11212726.png s1002.photobucket/albums/...5-11212721.png s1002.photobucket/albums/...5-11212703.png please post offer's note i will not go first either you use a mod or mm or if you seem trustworthy with over 1,000 posts or with 40+ vouchesSELLING MAXED INITIATE PURE [TRUSTEd] [rune gloves] [FIRECAPE] [RUNE GLOVES] [80dung] ( 1 2)Hello sythe im here selling my maxed initiate pure. This account is fully quested and comes with some awesome non tradeables. Im selling this account so i can make my own turmoil pure .I will be willing to meet up ingame to verify this account and will start taking bids now. s/b=20m a/w=100m Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[Paypal] 98+8 Zerker Pure|Fire Cape, BGloves, Torso, Full Void, KORASI, Veng, 99STR!Selling this account, I have been scammed twice on Sythe, so we will be using an Official ... PAYPAL ONLY, no rsgp or swaps will be accepted! I don't play Runescape anymore and I'm trying to detach myself from the game! Serious offers only, answering any questions about the account. If the trade goes smooth and there is no scamming, I'll throw in another account (lvl 102). I really need to stress the fact that I am legit and will not scam. Uploaded with : [email protected] Perfect 99 Range Pure with 100M Bank!Selling this Range Pure for PAYPAL only, not trading accounts or taking RSGP. Add me on if interested [email protected] Combat level is 65, and it has enough Zeal points for 75+ HP. Legit traders only, either you go first on PayPal or we use .[RSGP/PP] Selling BEAST Boxer [RSGP/PP]I am selling my nearly maxed Boxer. I will not go first UNLESS you are HIGHLY trusted. We can use a mm or an omm, but you will pay the fees. Here are pics, hit me up. A/W: 80m Hit me up on if interested: [email protected][185+ Vouches][~40 Acc's Sold] Lvl 65 Pure | 99 Str Beast | Decent BankSOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.Buying a pure with Dt done and 11 prayer!Post stats here.Level 74 zerker? .. For saleMembership expire date of this account: 8th Of June 2011 (25-28days) 60 Atk 70 Str 43 Pray 60 Range No recoveries set No Email registered ( as you can see from the lobby [screenie] ) Month or so of membership Old passwords can be given Can be turned into a zerker , or a staker ( level 4 summoning ) Price: I am interested in one month membership on my main + Rspg Or just RSGP. I will read every offer , as i said trusted members can go first. Note , once the password is changed i will have NO chance in getting my account back since there is no recovieries set , or any email on the account. Add my email to discuss : [email protected] If you are a trusted member i can give you the password first. Uploaded with Uploaded with
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