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    [RSGP|SWAP] 100% Legit Rune Pure CRAZY Potential! ( 1 2)Hey there sythe, I'm looking to sell one of my prized possessions. Account is level 79 +3 with vengeance, hand cannon, and crazy potential! A lot of the major quests have been done, some haven't though. I'm looking for a reasonable amount of RSGP for this account or a decent MAIN account. I will not be going first, we can use an omm at your expense or you can go first. I'm willing to verify the account in-game if needed! Happy bidding!Buying reset turmoil prod!!!!Let me know the stats! the quests done! the combat! I will be paying RSGP for this account and will use an OMM or you can go first! Your choice!!! Post pictures and price you want!!! We will work something out!!! DO NOT just say "I have one, add my " YOU WILL NOT BE ADDED. TELL ME STATS AND QUESTS AND . Than you will be added![RSGP] Selling Level 64 DT Pure With 99 Magic [CHEAP]I am looking to sell my dt pure that I no longer use, to busy with my skiller :p I am the original owner and have all of the recovery info. It is a email login so you will receive the email account and password so you can recover it instantly via email. It has no recovs/email set.I am brand new here so I am more then willing to use a OMM, you will have to pay the fee's because I don't have any money on paypal. Not looking for much as it's just laying around not being used so make me a offer [email protected] A/w 30M, Dt has been completed.[Selling] Level 96 SkillerI've got a level 96 skiller that i'm quitting and going to sell. Account was made in 08, has a few holiday items. Was never banned, only muted once. Never botted, all hand done. Is well known in a few RS worlds. Will be using a verified paypal, and want a buyer with vouchs. Will not go first, will not do halves. Either you go first, or you pay for the OMM. Reason i'm selling for anyone that's skeptical: The account used to have 3.5b, which i sold amongst real life friends and gave a few mill away. I'm saving up money for a 2010 Hyundai Genesis 3.6L V6 Coupe. My father is paying for most of it, but i need to come up with some money myself. The accounts A-Log is full 3rd age, white partyhat, herb cape. & lastly: Please post offers here or PM me, i will not giveout my until i find a deal/buyer. If need verification, i will screenshare and let you see the account itself. PS: The account has an original name, very unique and is a 1 word.[RSGP] 99 MAGIC/ 60 Combat / DT Complete/MemberSellin 99 mage account. - Has never been botted - Little over a year old - Is a member -No recovs or set email accepting all offers. post here/PM me/ - [email protected] PURE! Who wouldn't want this account? :p ( 1 2)RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY Starting Bid: 40M RSGP A/W:To be determined. ONLY SELLING TO MOD/ADMIN/SUPPORTER/TRUSTED/A LOT OF POSTS I WILL GO FIRST ALL INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN It's got Firecape+Arcane stream+All pure quests done+93 herblore(200m) for all extremes. It hits over 500 with magic using Arcane Stream+Staff of light+Extreme Magic. An amazing staker, make high levels stake alot, with no movement and magic on, pull out staff of light and arcane stream, spec with staff of light, then blood barrage.(I've made hundreds of millions doing this.) Just an utterly amazing pure. THE COMBAT LEVEL IS 69!-------********&&&&&&&&&&&&^^^^^^^^^^^^^%%%%%%%%%%%$$$$$$ $$$$$#############@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!! Start Bidding! I'm hoping to trade with somebody HIGHLY trusted. Please. Post here and leave your .Selling Level 76 1 defence 99 range 95 magic and more *PAYPAL ONLY*I have just recently quit playing runescape, so i am selling my account for (PAYPAL ONLY) [my auto win is 95 dollars] pictures below of bank and stats and login screen Please do not offer account swaps or rsgp my - [email protected] has full zammy book, adamant gloves, crystal bow, accumulators feel free to add me on if you have any questions or if you want to buy Thank you.Selling Level 80 [97 Magic, Addy Gloves,52 Prayer, 41 Def] RSGPRSGP ONLY! Check My Vouches. : [email protected] Starting Bid: 5M Info: 80 Combat F2p 97 Magic Horror From The Deep Monkey Madness 52 Prayer 60+ Attack 70+ Strength 71 Range 50 Agility Addy Gloves Saradomin Cape Quest/ Holiday Items Reason For Selling: I'm making a new tank account and need some GP so i can chin/barrage :p Images Below:
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