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    [4M RSGP] Range Tank | Santa Costume | 80 Fishing [4M RSGP]Autowin 2M Rsgp 13 p2p days left from 10th February! I dont go first unless you have 50+ vouches! You get OMM if you want , im more than happy to use one JUST REMOVED RECOVERY QUESTIONS! Post here or add my [email protected] my pure~addy gloves~ DT done~ MM done~ unholy bookAccount has now 94 MAGIC 81 STRENGTH Pms are welcomeLevel 61 pure with 1 defence [RSGP/CASH] This is the second time selling this account, but this time I won't be scammed. IF YOU WANT TO PAY WITH PAYPAL, WE WILL USE A OMM AND YOU WILL PAY FOR IT. The best way to buy this account is with rsgp. I will change the email adress to that of yours and also with the recovery questions. Login is my old email and there is no A/W! I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU ARE VERY TRUSTED! I WILL DECIDE WHAT IS TRUSTED AND WHAT IS NOT. Gold4rs offers 15 dollars, so I guess that is the lowest bid. Bid away.Pking Str Pure Cheap!Selling a account that i used for claw pking, no longer member will accept offers, - natefarmsbanks[rsgp] [99wc] [99fish] [99fletch] [98agility] [91str] [95mage]IM SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR 70M NO RECOVERY CHECK! I GO FIRST, hehe not trying to sound tough here because i know im knew. but recovery checks are annoying and wasted my time last 2 buyers sorry but this time no recovery check. Stats are listed below.[RSGP/RL] 65 - Two 99's, Firecape [Trusted] ( 1 2 3)Sold!Lvl 80 good starter account [pp][swaps][rsgp]send private message to me or leave post here if interested[PayPal] Lvl 63 Hybrid [RsGp]Selling a Lvl 63 Runescape account. Stats and quests will be showed in picture below Home Login: Stats: __________________________________________________ _____________ Message me if interested , well negototiate a price once you mesasage me thaanks. : )
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.