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    Wanted: F2P PureTitle says it all requirements: 40attk 99str 1-40 def other stats dont matter bank doesnt matter will pay 30-50$ negotiable will not go first will use mm that is trusted or omm will only go first with users over 30+ vouches. : [email protected]**Selling Nice 1 Def 60 Attack Pure** ( 1 2)I'm here today to sell my Runescape Account which I have lost interest in. I was going to max this account but got bored somewhere along the line. This account is great for staking/ pking with having only 13Prayer!! This account is completely legitly trained. I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER. I have all the details including 1 previous password, membership details, creation date, Internet provider etc. This account has 100% of important pure quests done, Desert Treasure, RFD for adamant gloves, Horror from the deep ( unholy book which is filled), Monkey madness, Lost city, Elemental workshop (mind body, great mage defense bonuses) This account has 1 def (0 exp) The prayer is quested The attack is quested If you have any questions or would like to see the pure in game I would be happy to show u. ** Oh yeah, bank is relatively cleaned. Another reason I lost interest >.4 99's< | Fire Cape | Ancients | 99 Mage & Strength | + More!Combat Level: 79 My only is: [email protected] I don't get on much so please post offer here. Starting bid 50m I'm leaving the house right now, will check back later.[RSGP] 99 Herblore ~ [1 Def, fully quested!] ( 1 2)Hey, I'm selling my sweet 1 Def pure. 99 Herblore! Some pics for you people. A/W: 160m w/o claws. OMM will be made at your expense. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Last but not least; Blackmarks. [None! ;D] Rsgp, preferably. Any questions? @ [email protected] 60 purehey guys, im selling this lvl 60 pure that i just dont want anymore. id like to be paid in rsgp, i dont want too much, but i want a decent ammount as it is a pretty good account. auto-win = 20mUnstoppable F2P Range Tank!! Combat level 63!Near unstoppable in the F2P wilderness. The only trouble I have with in the wildy are mages, then just pop on Protect Magic and you're good. I don't understand the point of posting a log in screen because it could be of any account? So I didn't bother. It has NO e-mail or recovery questions set. Bid away Sythers.selling level 90 barrows pure! 99 mage, cooking, 92 rangefor sale for rsgp or through paypal for best offer. has all mage quests done, has hand cannon, vengance, all that. 26m will go with for the right offer. thanks
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