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    selling level 91+7 cheap!!!!hello sythe, i am selling a lvl 91+7 range tank very cheap.. now the only reason why i am doing this is cuz i dont play runescape anymore and i dont want it to go to waste. IMportant information about account: full void/99range/60slayer/10m of items in bank/60def/60att/60str/88hp ign "i tank mtf"beastly pure 72 range low hpi really need a 1 month card for my main. if anyone can do this thanks and i dont know how to get the email registration off so if u know how tell me thanks[RSGP] Beast l 100m l 50 sum l 6x99 l 99 range and mage l 66+6 [RSGP]Hey, i've decided im more into RSPS's so... i'm selling my beauty. Its a pure, i am the original owner and creator. I have EVERY detail of it. 6 99's including 99 range and mage. It has the highly sought after (in terms of pures) 50 summoning (feather headdresses). about 100m bank net value including 50m+ in a merch item (easily sold). I will accept ONLY RSGP. And I will NOT go first. I am more than happy to use a MM, you pay fees of course. My ONLY is: [email protected] I am ONLY accepting RSGP. I know the price value of this pure and its not cheap. If your not willing to pay a lot for a quality pure, leave now. offers under 250m will de regarded and marked as spam. Starting at 250m A/W = 500m Yes, i did accidentally get 3 def... but it didnt raise the combat at all, it made it closer to level 77, but as of now its the same level as it was at 1 def. It is a g-mauler, but easily turned into a d-clawer if you like. Excellent rusher and normal pker. Build of a skiller also, few 80+ skills, runite miner. Beast overall FUlly quested, all guthix pages, MM is not done because it's a gmauler. Pics::: there are 18 pics of everything involving the account. Instead of posting each, I am posting a link to the slideshow on photobucket: s1109.photobucket/albums/...view=slideshow Recoveries will be removed upon offer from a serious buyer, email will be switched to that of the buyer during the transaction. Offer away1 DEF-F Cape-Fully Quested-ADDY Gloves-Ice BarrageA/W $35.00 or 50M RSGP Looking to sell for RSGP or Verified PayPal WILL GIVE ANY INFO YOU NEED UPON PURCHASE! Log-In: Stats: Notable Items:[Selling]Turmoil Pure|99 skills|Cheap[Paypal]Hello I am selling my starter turmoil pure. Selling for cheap. Uploaded with : [email protected] A/W:40$ I will sell for cheap so post offers. 40$ is the most I will take though.Selling lvl 76 10def pure 99mining/fm 92magicSelling my level 76 pure, ( 10 def ) Display rsn: iDiizzy Looking for rsgp, Im open for offers, Need rsgp for my tank -99 MINING -99 FIREMAKING -No recovs -No registered email Quests done: DT,MM,Climbing boots, full guthix book Pics: Stats What the account will come with Email/Recovs Offenses POST OFFERS ON HERE!Level 53 Range/Gmaul with 1m bank [RSGP]selling this beast range/gmauler thats only 53 combat RSGP ONLY Interested? Contact my : [email protected] stats- wealth-94 Mage & 80 Range! 1 Def - FIRECAPE TOO!Once again! Re posting due to scammer. Please close.
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