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    Buying Boxer[RSGP]I'm buying a boxer for RSGP. I have a smaller budget, but I will look at all accounts. Please post your account here with how much you are looking for roughly, and your . The only thing I care about are the combat stats. I do not care about wealth, or quests, or anything other than the stats. However, if the account has at least 1 month of membership remaining, I will pay extra. I would prefer if the account did not have recoveries, or an email. If the account has recoveries, I'm not interested. If the account has an email, I would like it switched before I give you the RSGP to insure the safety of the account. I will not go first. You will receive your money as soon as I have verified that I have access to the correct account. If someone adds you claiming to be me, ASK FOR A PM. I will never refuse to send you a PM. As always, I'm looking for a easy, quick trade.Buy Pure {RSGP}Hey Guys! Im Buyng Pure! Stats What I want! Att 60! Stre 90+! Def 1! Ranging 90+! Paryer 1 or 95+! Magic 94+! dung 1 or 80+! Bank 0 if u want !! If u sell me give here!!Great Range Tank! 90 Range,83 Mining, Void!This is an old account that I've been trying to sell on MMOE but doesn't seem to be getting any attention.. So hopefully it does here! It does have Recoveries, but as you can see they were set months ago and can be changed. I am also willing to add a month of membership at no extra cost, if requested. Although the Combat skills are a little whacked out, you could keep the defense low and level the Attack to 60 and Strength to 99, or the def to 70 and both Attack and Strength to 99. At least, that's what i would do Full Void except the gloves and about 1M worth of pking items, all come with account. If you're interested send me a PM or post here with your offerSelling 59cb lowbie hybrid (RSGP)Hey! I'm selling my level 59 lowbie hybrid. The account is 73 mage, 69 str, 55 attack, 63 range, 75 wc. The account has DT and MM done. I'm really not asking for too much, I'm thinking 5-10m RSGP, the price is negotiable though. Thanks for your time! Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] ( IM) __________________________________________________ _________________ I'm also selling my level 85 Holy Pally WoW account, with gametime, and SC2 on the account, for RSGP, Paypal, or an RS account. I WILL go first if you want, and I will provide the secret question and answer. Edit/Delete MessageSelling level 97 main with three 99's!Here are some pictures! This account is very good at making money because of his 99 skills. I can make over 3m a day! Once he gets 45 dung he will be racking in money with rune mining. He's nowhere near being banned. He also has desert treasure done which will save alot of time. He has enlighted journey done too incase if you want to make law runes and get his RC up. This account will get the Veteran cape VERY soon! I had payed alot for this account but im asking for a small fee AW=50$ Send me a private message if your interested! A HandCannon & A Starting Zerk ( 1 2)Hello everyone. I am the original owner of both of these accounts, and i have all of the information, including creation, isp, membership info, etc. Both accounts have membership until sometime next month, and both accounts will pass a recovery test. The email addresses are currently being removed, but Jagex is taking its sweet time sending me the emails i need to do so. I'll go first to anyone i deem trusted, I'll 50-50, or a MM will be used. First account: Starting Zerker - A/W 20m. Def is quested, other then needed for turm. Has a hand cannon, has dragon rfd gloves, lunars, etc. Also has fire cape. Second account: Hand Cannoneer; SOLD, to rsghero! Quote: Originally Posted by rsghero BIG VOUCHE FOR MOST. Just bought awesome hand-cannon account! He went first. everything smooth! gave all info too! : [email protected] Buying turm sometime soon, so quick sales would be nice EDIT: love you, forgot the blackmarks, i'll have them uploaded in five minutes. EDIT #2:Selling Great Starter GS Pure [Cheap]Stats: Recov: I will be going first, as long as you don't look as nooby as me lol. I understand I'm new, but need to start somewhere. Take him for 3m![RSGP]SWAP] 45 def range tank 90 range 90 mage dt done mm done drag gloves lunars donhey im looking for rsgp or a good swap! the swap must be a pure heres pics. Willing to go first if your trusted and i made this acc i can give u information for recovs
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