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    tradeing a lvl 70 with 90 wc and d axe for a one month cardso im selling a pretty good account 70 str, 61 att 64 hp, 54 range, 44 def (willing to get it to 50 if buyer needs), 27 prayer, 43 mage. and 91 WOOD CUTTING!. P.S! (FOR A 3 MONTH AND 10M I WILL GET THE CB STATS TO 70) BUYERS CHOICE![BUYING][RSGP] Spending 20m RSGP on a pure! [BUYING][RSGP]I'm spending 20m RSGP on a 1 defence pure, post below the stats of your pure and i'll see if im intrested. thanks.Selling pure: 99Mage, 99Range, 40 defence-Ancient & Lunar, 85 Dungeon (chaotic Cross)Selling my Ranger/Mage pure for the right price: Why should you buy this account? I'll tell you why: First of all this account has it all, you can pk! You can stake, you can farm @ frost dragons to make your money. "2ndly you'll bee in safe hands, I can refer you to my vouches here at sythe wich also tells you I have sold accounts here before, and no complains so far, (I currently possess 28 vouches from my time here at sythe, so if you prefer trustworthyness instead of cheapness and scam's, your on the right place. Stats: Combat level: 84 + 7, becouse of sum, wich doesnt affect pking though. 99 Range. 99 Mage. 83 Hp 40 Defence 46 Prayer 85 Dungeoneering 52 Summoning. Items: Chaotic Crossbow, avas, karil's bow, magic skill cape, ranging skill cape. Other notes about the account: Has quest for Lunar magic done. Has quest for Ancient magic done. Has quest for Dwaarf cannon done. Payment options: PS: ALL OFFERS BELOW 120M RSGP WILL BE IGNORED!! *RSGP * Paypal (trough playerup, 2$ + 10% of agreed trade amount will be added, to cover the fees I get from PA). *WU(You cover fees). *MoneyBookers. *Bank Transfer. (I'm a recident in norway, so you would have to send an international payment, you cover fees). Pictures of account: Stats: Bank + Inventory: Logg Inn: Contact details: -> signature. Pm me ur e-mail adress after you have added my . PPS: I am NOT the original owner of this account, I have personally bought it from a trusted member here @ sythe. However, if there where to happen anything to your account I will personally help you with all effort needed to assist you. I have posessed this account a few months now and I am sure there won't be any problems.Buying a 1 def pure ( 1 2)Must have only 1 def and fairly good stats, mm horror from the deep and dt is Preferred. Prefer to pay with paypal as well thanksBuying g maul pureHey, I'm buying a g maul pure with 50 att MAX and 70+ str range and Mage, also I would like it to have done dt and as many other quests as possible, willing to pay up to $60[SWAP] Buying Decent Pure! [SWAP]Buying a Pure, with 50+ Attack 90+ strength i would be swapping my level 108+8 Barrows pure w/Lunars+DT DONE but NO Barrows Gloves Members until 13th of September. If intrested post below.[Paypal][OMM] 88 Cb Pure Quested & Chaotics [Paypal][email protected] Looking for close to $75-100 willing to discuss. Dt, MM, AVA, Mith gloves, D Scim Chaotic Rapier, Chaotic Maul, and tome of frost. Original Owner, have all information will do a recovery test if OMM is used It also has about 300 days vets cape. Please post or add my with questions/offers.67 pure ranger/ ddseri have a lvl 67 with 60 attack 75 str 71 hp 73 range 43 pray 1 def and 55 magic. a very good starter it has a few of the basic quests needed for a pure including monkey madness and has a full zammy book start the bidding
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