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    Rapier Staker For sale @@ [email protected]@hey guys , Corpkiler here selling my Starter Rapier staker! AW: 30M RSGP. i will NOT go first , you will go first or pay fees for OMM. stats : Post offers and here or add me on . [email protected] thanks!AMAZING LvL 78 TANK {94 Mage, 70DEF +++}I am selling my amazing Staker/Pker for RSGP. It OWN's nearly everyone at the duel arena. It even kills some 100+ stakers. I usually MageBox or suit up with this gear (which will be included) Ahrims set (excluding staff) Master Wand Infinity Gloves, Boots Obsidian Cape Amulet of Fury Ancient Shield This character is VERY hard to hit and even with only 55HP this gives it an advantage and will kill other stakers easily. The only disadvantage to this account is it has not completed DT. I have been using Earth Surge which hits 240 - 290's constantly. It has a multiple spaced user-login and a cool in-game name. A/W = Not Set Bid Away! : [email protected][RSGP] lvl 60 started pure [cheap]i will go first to trusted members, or a trusted mm will be used, my vouches are in sig. I am original owner SB- 2 mil AW- 4.5 mil - [email protected] 3 letter name 99 range mageFirst of all i cant add pics i dont know why. I can show u pics from messenger I am the only owner of the account Never shared or sold STATS: 85 str 60 att 99 range 99 mage 60 rc dragon hai I did f cape jesterday and i have 1 now. It has no recovers I sell it for a pure 1 def oh and im 20def[SWAPS]Selling beast pure[RSGP] ( 1 2)AUTO WIN IS 30M RSGP, NEED TO SELL THIS ACCOUNT TO WORK ON MY MAIN! Post, PM me or add my ; [email protected] beast pure 94 mage 90 str DT done MM doneBored of this hybridder and i wanna sell it İt is above 90 str range mage it also has f cape and claws is bank Sorry i dibt have pics im on vacantion and dont work İn the internet cafe or on phone The name is light mayhem Ur decide how much rsgp it has no recs or e mail [email protected] attack, 99 strength, 99 range, 99 mining, 99 woodcutt , MAXED f2p pure!!! ( 1 2)selling my maxed f2p pure all recoveries and email have been removed im willing to use a omm at ur expense and i will let them do a recovery test.. i no there is not many f2p pures as good as this dont dont be shy when u give me an offer thanks. [email protected] 200M leading offer S O L D[RSGP] 99 Hunter account 18.5M XP! A/W = 10Mtgggggggggggggggggggggg
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