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    Trading level 118/125 for decent pureHey guy's, I'm looking for a pure with a good amount of money and some decent stats. In return i'm giving my account : :///showthread.php?p=9344946#post9344946 Leave a post if u are intressed[RSGP][TRUSTED]Cb 46(40-60-1)Selling this beastly pure. K0's in wildy! Log in: CB: Stats: Autowin: Undecided, just offer! Add my to discuss.[BUYING] Lvl 3 accounts without mail [RSGP] ( 1 2 3)I don't care their about their levels. Would like all stats 1. MUST have no email or recoveries. Buying as may as you have. Since people don't get it, I want oldschool accounts, Username Log in not Email log in. Ex. Log in should be Tomloves69 not [email protected] Price: 100k eachStarting skiller CHEAP *Ill go first since im new*82 fishing is the main skill.. I understand im new and i want to get my rep up so i can do other sales. This will be sold for $15 or more or i may be willing to negotiate. Contact me , [email protected] - Matt[PAYPAL/RSGP]Awesome skiller! 4 99s, 1k+ totalSold to von mual for $35selling starter maulerselling this starter mauler. recovs are jiberish. just to get fancy boots. will remove email once found buy. price is set at 13m.(mems till oct.3) here are pics of log-in pics of cmb level. and pics of notable stats. please let me know how intersted u are on this account, like i said befor the recovs are jiberish so i can get fancy boots and i CAN remove the email once i find a buyer. price is set at 13m. thanks much airforceducky. is in siggy below.Skiller [CB 3] | 99 Woodcutting | 82 Hunter & More!One of my accounts I'm selling: - MM/OMM will be used, unless you go first. - Recovery test can be done if you pay fee's or if we use a trusted MM. - All details of the account will be givin. - Email will be changed after the trade has been completed. - You will vouch after the trade has been 100% completed. - I will ONLY accept RSGP, I'm not quitting RuneScape I just keep making new & better accounts so I can sell them l8tr on. Starting Bid: 10M. (5$) Current Bid: 20M. (10$) A/W 30M. (15$) Picture's; Fill in this form if you are intressed: Code: Offer: : Have you added my : Will you vouch:: [email protected] Handcannon pureBuying handcannon pure,swapping for a level 116 barrows pure! post below, if intrested
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