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    Selling amazing lvl 92 5 99s!!!! (rsgp)The account has 99 Agility Firemaking Cooking Woodcutting and Fletching. it has 80 hunting and mage. it has full void mage helm only tho. ive been offered 40m but he can only pay me on the 27 so i might take under that. i will not go first and i can use a mm or omm or you are going first. ty talk to me on [email protected] pic of acc: Uploaded with[PP/WU/RSGP] SELLING 99 STRENGTH|IceBarrage|FireCape|RuneGloves|Torso|Veng Zerker!Selling my zerker. AutoWin - 35M AND/OR $25 Email: [email protected] Quests - Lunars Monkey Madness Desert Treause RFD - Rune Gloves Willing to do a RECOVERY TEST AND USE AN OMM OF YOUR FEES!! ThanksSelling lvl 75 pure with 95 str paypal or rsgp only!Selling my account for paypal or RSGP. You will go first or we will use a MM. All basic quests include restless ghost, priest in pearl, rfd up to mith, and Monkey Madness. Post your offers below and ill add your . Pics:[RSGP,PAYPAL] Buying 99 RANGE PURE [1 DEF]Hi, I will get straight to the point... I am looking for the following; 99 Range 1 Defence 1-70 Attack. I can pay in either RSGP (.8/M) or Paypal. Please post screenshots on here or by PM, as I WILL NOT accept your invitation until otherwise. Thanks.Selling level 84 boxer- FULL STATIUS - 1PRAY/SUMMHey Sythe community. Here i am selling another of my accounts. This time is one of my boxers. We will use a OMM or you will go first. I dont mind going first to trusted members (30+ Vouches). You can also check my vouches at my signature. Looking for around 15-20M rsgp as the account is member for 1 more month and it has full statius. Honestly you can make that cash back in 1-2 hours. The account has no recovers/email. Can prove via teamviewer. My email is [email protected] fully quested ini pure |91s|94m|89r| [RSGP]-Hello, i am looking to sell my initiate pure. - Im not going to go first. - I will use a middle man. - Pleas post + your offer. - Please ask for a pm before the trade. - Starting bid: 15m rsgp. - A/W: 75m ( will probably sell for a lot lower) Picutres:[PayPal]Level 65 pure| 77 str, 80 ranged, 99 thieving[PayPal]This is a great level 65 pure. 77 Strength, 80 ranged, 74 hp, 1 defence, and best of all 99 thieving. It has the quest desert treasure done up to the ghost robes. There are also the book for zammorok and guthix, but there are no pages in them. This account also has a decent amount of wealth, 1m in cash, and alot of items in the bank that total up to more. There is no email registration, no recovery questions, and i can provide the first 3 passwords. I would like to use a middle man during this trade to make sure it goes smooth, we will use one we can both agree on using. I Only Use PayPal, please dont offer anything else. If your interested, please message me on messenger, my email is [email protected] $25!!!!!Pkedl's Account shop - Must See ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hello everyone, i am practically bored of these accounts so i decided to sell them, -Looking for Rsgp. -I am the original owner of the accounts and will prove all the original info to the buyer. From zip codes to credit card details. -We will use a OMM/Trusted MM or you will go first. I dont mind going first if you are trusted, what do i mean by trusted? Must show me a Vouch thread with 20 or more posts. I am not accepting swaps. Account 7: Staker/Boxer A/w: 15M (Has full statius, even though its degraded) Account 6: My original main all 70+ Stats, Has extremes, 86 Slayer, 5+ 99's, Combat 133, great money maker/boss hunter! A/w: 35M You can view this account also at its thread: sythe/showthread.php?t=1107134 SOLD ACCOUNTS: A/w: 35M -- SOLD TO 'mollywhopped'-------- '----- -Great account for Whip fights, because of the Cvls. You will make a lot of money staking with this babe Account 4: A nice Swed granite maul/blitz rusher [2.2M wealth, Member untill 16th May]---SOLD TO 'onno'--- A/w: 25M [Account has 2 99s]----SOLD TO 'onno'---- Account 3: A nice 55 def Range tank. Can be trained to 60-70 defence and be made into a really good PKing account. --SOLD A/w: 15M-- SOLD TO 'Boss Product' Account 1: Level 125 Main with 88 Dungeoneering, 84 herblore(Can spicy stews to Extreme str/attack) and almost maxed 78 Defence. A/w: 45M (Current status: Member untill 25th April) The accounts have no Emails/Recovery questions registered. Willing to prove via Teamviewer. POST HERE OR ADD MY EMAIL IF INTERESTED: [email protected]
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