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    [215+ Vouches][55+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 62 Pure | 99 Magic | Def 1 | P2P! ( 1 2)SOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.selling zerker, full void, rune gloves--vengheya, time to sell my great zerk with much pk history. is has a login name and is over 5 years old Wildstalker helm with 500+ kills S/W=20m A/W=60m Email will be removed now also has: 74 ranged, 52 prayer, range void helmSelling [RSGP] maxed 1 def pure 99 range 99 magehello, about a year ago, my main got banned, so i made this pure, and botted it up, and quested it. recently my main has been unbanned, and am going to quit my pure, so i decided to just sell it for rsgp. i am open for offers, scammers can go away, because im very aware of scams when i see them. so if you are interested, please contact my via at - [email protected] ears/ account 94 rangehas 94 range and good dungeoneering i wan t to know how much it would go forFree rapier staker-3 prayer!!!User-Blackbatyman Pass-ownage123selling 99str 99range 84combat lvl pure!account stats 99str 99range 91hp 87mage 60att 20def 44pray Accound has no recovery's I will NOT go FIRST. feel free offer I can't attach pictures so ask info I can send accoun't history etc I can show it in game etc. accepting rsgp/euros aw 200m messenger [email protected] Zerkers! {RSGP/PayPal} - 150+ QP - ( 1 2)Hey guys I'm looking to buy a new Zerker. I will not go first, an OMM will be used and a recovery test will be ran. Requirements: 60-99 Attack. 80-99 Strength. 80-99 Range. 94-99 Magic. 52-95 Prayer. 40-45 Defense. 1-99 Dungeoneering. Quests: Lunars MUST be done. Defence MUST be fully quested. RFD up to Rune Gloves Desert Treasure MUST be done. At least 150 QP. Bonuses (I'll if you have these): Fire Cape. Full Void. Rapier or Chaotic Maul. Fighters' Torso. Korasi's. Barrows Gloves. Overloads. Of course I'm willing to make exceptions, post here with pictures, or if you have a thread link me to your thread.[PayPal // RSGP // Pin] Zerker. 87 range 80mage def questedHello. Today I selling zerker (def quested, i only did 2-2.5k xp). Here pics: Prices: PayPal - 10$ RSGP - 20m : "[email protected]"
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