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    Selling Epic Pure Addy Gloves Str Paypal Or RsgpI'm selling this account Starting bid starts at $25 or 35m RSGP A/W = $60 or 75M RSGP email will be taken off once a legit buyer turns up and All information to the account will be given there and then. add my if your a serious buyer please:[email protected] or post a offer on this thread with your email and ill get back to.[RSGP]selling lvl 74 BEAST STAKER 1 pray 1 def 60 atk 97 str 94 hp!![RSGP]The time has finally come, after making 1.1b off this account im deciding to sell it because I do not want to continue staking and im planning to play on my main I've already cleaned the account so it has nothing , email will be deleted once I find Legit buyer. Rules: I will not go first unless you have 20 + vouches in 500$ of trading or more ( no training vouches etc.) A/W 125m I will do 50/50 if you have 5 vouches or more + I will use OMM, you pay fee's Scammer please do not post here as you are wasting your time because your not going to get me Stats: login: A few high stakes with this account:Selling 99 Wcer/Potential BoxerPlease delete this one thread I already have another one the only reason why 2 were created is because the first one I tried to make it came up as an error so I remade so, admin please delete this but keep the other one.Spending 100 Dollars on 1 deff pureHey guys, recently got scammed my pure+cash because this website if full of nasty heartless scammers. So im buying a new 1 deffence pure. Post on thread your offer + and I will contact you asap.[Rsgp] Maxed burrows pure [Rsgp]Email WILL be changed upon purchase i54.tinypic/2n1idc2.png i52.tinypic/2qjepva.png i52.tinypic/316mgxs.png I will provide all of the information on the account that i have with the purchase of this account. Lowest bid: 75m A/W: 335m [email protected] Zerker (104+8) B gloves, korasis, 87 dungeoneeringOffer in rsgp. Post your here and we discuss. You go first on most all trades unless i think your trusted not risking this accounts defense. Main/SkillerHi i am selling this main for $9. I want paypal only and i do not want swaps or pins. I will NOT be going first at any time.If your too nervous to go 1st dont even bother contacting me Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 If your interested in the account contact me at [email protected] Here are the pics. If your interested contact me at [email protected][SWAP] 122 main for starter pure.Really bored of my main now so swapping it for a start pure. Stats dont really matter , what i want is it to be quested mith or addy gloves dt done monkey madness done If these three quests are complete and its one defence ill definatly swap. Heres my main. main:
Thread Status:
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