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    LeveL 61 Pure DT MM Complete. 82 magic 1 DefTemp not for sale as afew buyers have suggested i get 90 str and addy gloves, i will complete this before the 10th of april. then rebump my thread. Selling my pure as im bored of it and don't have time for it anymore. will be willing to do a recovery test aslong as you pay for it and it's done by an OMM I have all account information and i created it myself. Still has a little membership but i can cancel that if needed im looking for paypal/rsgp if you're not happy with some of the stats i can increase them if needed any questions post/pm/add me on .[RSGP] Selling amazing lvl 68 pure [RSGP]Hello , im selling out my amazing lvl 68 pure as im not using it anymore as im bored of pking :s i will start off with 25M , any higher offers will automatically get the account.. : [email protected] Universal Skiller - cmb 99 -Hello, I am selling this main, it is good for moneymaking and for combat too It has 100 quest points, no recoveris, but emai, I will delete it On acount there is 22 Mil I sell it with or without it, however you want. Acount has membership to 22 April!!! Paypayl only! If you want: PM me or add me and write on : [email protected] I will use OMM, but you pay fees. I never go first! There are screens...Spending 100 Dollars on 1 deff pureHey guys, recently got scammed my pure+cash because this website if full of nasty heartless scammers. So im buying a new 1 deffence pure. Post on thread your offer + and I will contact you asap.Selling Epic Pure Addy Gloves Str Paypal Or RsgpI'm selling this account Starting bid starts at $25 or 35m RSGP A/W = $60 or 75M RSGP email will be taken off once a legit buyer turns up and All information to the account will be given there and then. add my if your a serious buyer please:[email protected] or post a offer on this thread with your email and ill get back to.Rsgp| Buying Range Tank Account |Hi, Basically I would like a change of account, i only really care about the ranged as opposed to melee so would like something along the lines of this: - Prayer 44-52 - Ranged 90-99 - Magic 94-99 - Def 40 (quested) - Vengeance (must) We will use OMM and recov check will be done, i will pay for this, but fees will be split on the MM. Many Thanks[Experienced Trader] Selling Multiple Sick and Godly Pures [Pure Shop] ( 1 2)New thread to reduce false offers. sythe/showthread.php?p=8412528#post8412528Selling an Epic Zeker! |94 MAGE|93 STR|91 CMB|SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!
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